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Zhao Liying new eyebrow type and Xiaobian together to learn a variety of stars with the same style!

2018-04-04 04:48:58

Xiao Bian still remembers the summer TV series, and every summer there will be a big wave of TV dramas coming to us. So the small edition of the drama shortage decided to turn to a domestic drama, just as Zhao Liying's new costume drama "Chu Qiao Biography" on the line, it is not, opened by her "eye skills" stunned!


Little eyes, almost every frame is a play ah! Can rely on the eyes to express the inner play, I only serve Zhao Liying! However, speaking of Zhao Liying, in the world full of awl faces now, her round face is really a stock. The point is, even if the face is round, it still makes people feel beautiful! Looking back from the female match to the current hot female first, Zhao Liying has changed not only her increasingly skilled acting skills, but also her eyebrow makeup is an advanced version of the textbook. Round face with elegant eyebrows, is Zhao Liying in the "New Princess" look, at that time, although handsome but always little aura.


Then to the "Shan Shan comes" and "The Journey of Flower" in the thick eyebrow, the lovely image makes her popular, no wonder the pond owner can not help but contract the whole fish pond for her. And Baguio in "Qingyun Zhi" eyebrow shape changed again, slightly began to pick up, began to pay attention to the processing of the brow peak, not only modified the face shape, but also elongated the facial line. And to the "Chu Qiao biography" in Liying, and put on a new hairy eyebrow shape, even the whole round face is small and delicate, let people see more feel more beautiful and greasy. Today, the makeup training school Xiaobian will talk no more nonsense, and directly simple and rough to the fairies talk about Liying's new eyebrow shape - 15° fuzz eyebrow! 15° fuzz eyebrow what the hell?


Look carefully, Liying this eyebrow shape from the upper eye pupil, the highest point of the eyebrow to the eyebrow end of the arc is about 15 degrees, and the eyebrows also have a fuzzy sense of sight. Such eyebrows, we call "15° fuzz eyebrow". Raising the brow peak by 15° thin face minutes eyebrows play an important role in balancing the proportion of the face, especially for U-shaped faces with imperfect facial lines, the position of the brow peak and the length of the eyebrows can play an improved effect. Brow sinking 15° to improve the temperament SoEasy compared to the rotten street eyebrow, the brow and the brow end are not on a level line, the temperament immediately becomes different, and to tell the truth, the eyebrow is not good really like a crayon Xiaoxin. so after careful observation, a small eyebrow really affects the whole person's features and temperament.


These actresses have secretly changed to 15° fuzz eyebrows when it comes to fuzz eyebrows Fan Bingbing's fuzz eyebrows are to be said first, in Cannes red carpet appearance of Bingbing with fuzz eyebrows showed their beauty and greasy side. Is it suitable to ask the girl with less hair? Jing Tian will tell you. In the Glory of Tang Dynasty, Jing Tian's appearance is amazing to the makeup training school Xiaobian. A little bit of fluff with mixed eyebrows not only makes the original eyebrows look more saturated, but also more natural. The same is played the ancient costume of Baby, a appearance on their own immortals, beauty on the day. Of course, it is also because of Get on the fluffy eyebrows, but the Baby with mixed-race face has rarely changed the eyebrow shape. There is Wuli poetry, after marriage, the makeup is simply open, the challenge of the fishtail hairstyle does not say, even the makeup is bold. There is no need to say more about the fire of "Sansheng", not only the ancient clothes are amazing, not only the clothes rarely make mistakes on weekdays, but also the makeup is beautiful, which is very admirable.


Like fluffy eyebrows and little fairy Lin Yun, she is sweet with this fluffy eyebrow affinity explosion, let people not feel good rise! We all know Jiang Shuying red lips goddess style is full, but with fluff eyebrow is also affinity up! Nitrogen, it is important to remember that the color of the eyebrows and the color of the hair should be remembered to match, otherwise it will look strange. No makeup goddess Wang Likun is also the number one fan of fuzzy eyebrows, in fact, fuzzy eyebrows are also very suitable for matching makeup. If you want to create the same no-makeup effect as your little sister, just wear a vibrant lipstick. Although everyone understands the reason, but how to make the fluff eyebrow show 15° plastic eyebrow shape is a university question! But as long as you master simple tips, the novice party can easily Get! Good "15° fuzz eyebrow ", only 3 seconds in fact, to determine 15° is very simple, with an eyebrow pencil to point out the position of these three points, so that you can better grasp the arc of the brow peak, you can carry out the three colors after filling.


STEP1: Use an eyebrow brush to gently brush your eyebrows and keep them in one direction. Step2: Use an eyebrow pencil to roughly draw the frame and circle the main part of the eyebrow that you want to keep. Step3: Use a razor to carefully trim the hair outside the frame. Step4: Erase the trace of the previous eyebrow pencil frame, and the eyebrow shape is much clearer. Step5: Use tweezers to clean up particularly long eyebrows, or eyebrow more complicated areas. Step6: Then comb the eyebrows with the eyebrow brush, and the work of eyebrow trimming is completed! Step7: After fixing the eyebrow shape, the next eyebrow work is relatively simple! STEP8: Draw a slightly curved line back from the brow and connect it with the point at the end of the brow. STEP9: Then fill in the other areas with eyebrow pencil, you are done!