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Yiwu to cross travel guide

2018-03-11 04:48:00

Hot summer, where to play.


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Go to Jiangdong bus station. I am from Yiwu to Hengdu, it seems that Yiwu to Hengdu is the east passenger station departure. To the bus station to buy a bus ticket, Yiwu to the cross about every 15-30 minutes there is a trip. There is an automatic ticket machine in the bus station, of course, you can also buy a good bus ticket online, a little convenient, without queuing. Bus ticket 15 yuan, online purchase will be cheap 1-5 yuan or so, do not worry about the expiration of the ticket, the bus ticket is valid before 6:20 on the day, if the day did not do the car, as long as the ticket in hand, the next day to the seat car is no problem.


When we went to the horizontal, it was May 1, so there were a lot of people, so we went to the horizontal curve. Yiwu - Dongyang - Heng, are done to go by car. Even if it is a transfer, the price is about 2-5 yuan more. There is also a situation that if you do not want to transfer, do not want to wait, what to do? I'll tell you a good way, get on the bus outside the station, and when you come out of the bus station, you can only be as many people as there are seats, but out of the station is different! It will be moderately overloaded, and the downside is that you may have to stand all the way to your destination. Seat Dongyang to cross the car, soon to cross the scenic spot, ticket sellers will call the people who did not buy a good scenic spot tickets get off, said; "As long as you take the bus ticket, someone will pick you up for free to the scenic spot and help you buy the ticket." "Don't get off the bus at this time, because it will cost you four yuan more to buy a ticket to them." Be sure to check the scenic spot you are going to early and get off the bus as soon as you get to the closest place to the scenic spot. Do not sit at the terminal, which is far away from the scenic spot. My friends and I were killed because we didn't get off the bus early.


To Pingyan cave Pingyan cave is located in the Ming and Qing Dynasty palace is behind, relative to those scenic spots Pingyan cave is not very popular, the reason why choose Pingyan cave is to get close to nature, do you believe it or not, anyway I do not believe it. The ticket is 100 yuan per person, including the round-trip cable car fee. If you do not do the cable car, to take the mountain road, the ticket is 30 yuan, one way cable car is 40 yuan. A cable car do two, if you are a person out to play, then congratulations, the whole cable car is yours. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the mountain on the cable car, at which time you can sit on the cable car and enjoy the view. Anyway, I've been talking to my girlfriends on the cable car. hahaha


Take the hundred steps to see the Temple of the Heavenly Master. We are more than 1 o 'clock in the afternoon to the mountain, people are not a lot, anyway, close to nature is mountaineering, see natural beauty, summer to absolutely comfortable, is a good place to summer oh. A lot of movies were made here, but I didn't see anyone filming at the time. Taoist culture and myths abound here.


I was attracted by the pictures of the plank road, in fact, I am not very close to nature, the plank road did not give me the feeling of terror, I have been afraid that I will fall down, it is enough.


Jin silk ravine God bell. This is also a bell with a story, next to are introduced, looking down from the mountains, deep, dark, from the hole to blow a cool breeze, that feeling do not want, air quality that is do not want.


Three emperors and five emperors. Here is almost the end of the scenic spot, there are all the emperors of ancient China, and there are detailed introductions, and there are places to eat and sell snacks, chickens are still they raised in the mountains, eating places too much man-made garbage, aside from garbage, living here is still very comfortable, especially suitable for seclusion, rare health place.


Down the mountain we are to Jin silk River on the other side of the road mountain, down the mountain to go on the other side, the way through the health garden (swing and some modern fitness items) a thousand layers tower (there is not much in it, and the stairs are so small, only a person through) on the mountain also played about 3 hours. After the scenic spot came out to the cross passenger station seat car, although there is a bus station at the entrance of the scenic spot, and there is no route above, but there is no use, the bus has stopped, so to the passenger station either take a taxi, or a local tricycle, do not wait where, with taxi software, it is also very cheap. The last bus at the bus station is at 6:20. Time is relatively rushed, if it is too late to buy a ticket, it is recommended that you wait near the bus station, get on the bus first, and then buy a ticket.

Matters needing attention

Across a map can not find the bus place, across the side is a car, as if there is no bus.


It is recommended to buy tickets online.


Some of the pictures are from the Internet.