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Windshield before used car evaluation

2018-05-12 03:12:39

As the saying goes, the eyes are the Windows of the soul, so the quality of a car, especially the front windshield of a used car, will determine the driver's good sight and driving mood. Once inside the car, everyone likes a good view of the front and a clean windshield. But who knows how to look at the front windshield is still bad, how to understand the importance of the front windshield is the main purpose of today's ghost eye.


Let's start by defining the front windshield. There are two kinds of tempered glass and laminated glass materials. Tempered glass is a glass with high strength that is rapidly cooled and prestressed under the hot state of glass, and tempered glass splits into many small pieces without sharp edges when broken, which is not easy to hurt. Laminated glass has a total of 3 layers, the middle layer is strong toughness and bonding effect, the inner layer and the outer layer are still adhered to the middle layer when damaged by the impact, which is not easy to hurt. Laminated glass for automobile, the middle layer is doubled, has better safety and is widely used.


Looking at safety, the front windshield is one of the passive safety facilities of the car, which must meet the following safety factors: good sight, sufficient strength, and protection for the occupant in the event of an accident. A film that is sandwiched between cracks prevents stones or other flying objects from penetrating the other side, and also prevents the splashes of broken glass. Laminated glass ensures the minimum visibility required for driving. And now most of the front windshield has a buffer speed effect, so you don't notice how fast the car is running on the road, but it will be a little slow, so as not to create more pressure on the heart. In addition, if the front file is not installed well, it will cause leakage of rainwater and other situations, so it is particularly important.