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Wind field integrated environmental protection cooker structure

2018-05-12 14:24:14

The induction cooker of Fengtian integrated environmental protection stove is mainly composed of six parts: high power crystal (IGBT), chip (CPU), glass-ceramics panel, heating coil disk, cooling system and control circuit board. 1. The cooking function of high-power crystal (IGBT) induction cooker, especially the stir-frying and the good realization of the function must be supported by excellent IGBT, which is the core device to adjust the power, stabilize the current and keep the machine working normally. IGBT must have enough power margin when matching the induction cooker, and must not always work with the limit power of IGBT, otherwise the working life of the induction cooker will be greatly reduced. 2. In addition to placing POTS and decorations, the main function of the microcrystalline glass panel is to use its good thermal conductivity, set a thermistor below it to detect the temperature of the pot. The maximum temperature in the cooker is set by default when the induction cooker is heated: about 250 degrees. 3. Heating coil A heating coil is a device that induces eddy currents with a pan. The heat efficiency of induction cooker mainly depends on the heating coil, the main indicator that determines the performance of the heating coil is the performance of the copper wire used, the higher the level of copper, the better the strength and stability under high temperature conditions. The heating coil is divided into ordinary coil and large coil two kinds, large coil working magnetic field area is larger, more uniform, more rapid heating, lower energy consumption. 4. Heat dissipation system The heat dissipation system is the only moving part of the induction cooker, and its function is to use air convection to cool the interior of the stove.