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Why are diamond jewelry prices so different

2018-04-04 16:00:29

You can often hear such a question: The diamonds that look the same, all have identification certificates, and all say fidelity, but why are the cheap ones only a few hundred yuan and the expensive ones as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan? In this regard, Mr. Zhang, who is operating diamond processing, revealed that the reason why the holiday jewelry diamond discount promotion can be as low as 30%, in addition to the high price of small brand jewelers, there is also a hidden "button point game" between well-known jewelry merchants and large department stores. In addition, there are many imitation diamond rings in the total number of diamonds in the market, which also caused the phenomenon of price disparity. Mr. Zhang said that the diamond processing industry in southern China has formed a large-scale, like many brand clothing is "grilled", a large number of jewelry also appeared imitation. When the genuine products are advertised on a large scale, the imitation goods "hitch a ride" are listed in large numbers and seize the market with low prices. "Big brand jewelry prices are high, there is brand value; Jewelry is a kind of handicrafts, the processing cost of handicrafts is difficult to price, there is no industry standard, not good identification, which also makes some production, sellers drill the hole; In addition, different rebates in different stores will also lead to different prices." Xiong Constitutional, president of the Municipal Jewelry Association, said that the jewelry industry needs to gradually reshuffle regulations. If you want to buy jewelry consumers have questions, you can consult the city jewelry association, association experts will provide free consulting services.