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Which brand of jewelry is good, jewelry purchasing skills and methods

2018-04-04 19:12:49

The purchase of wedding jewelry is an important part of the wedding, can be said to be a permanent symbol of love. Rush between the jewelry merchants, dazzling dazzling jewelry confused the eyes of the new people. Follow Xiaobian to see the jewelry purchasing skills and methods.


1. Buy precious metal jewelry through regular channels in well-known shopping malls. Pay attention to the consistency of the logo and identification certificate attached to the jewelry. Do not blindly worship foreign brands and foreign certificates, because foreign jewelry identification certificates are expensive, illegal jewelry merchants violate the requirements of "one treasure and one certificate", and sometimes take a certificate to copy more than one piece of jewelry to cater to the vanity of some buyers and deceive consumers.


2, precious metal jewelry is calculated by weight and processing fees, jewelry weight is one of the important indicators. According to QB/T "Precious Metal Jewelry Quality Measurement Tolerance", gold, platinum, palladium jewelry quality measurement tolerance is ±0.01g, silver jewelry quality measurement tolerance is ±0.1g. The quality of gold, platinum, palladium jewelry and materials, retained two decimal places when writing; The quality of the silver jewelry, retained one decimal place when written. It is recommended that consumers buy jewelry brands, require merchants to carry out jewelry weight balance on the spot, so as not to lose weight.


3, the identification and inspection of precious metals has a high degree of professionalism, the name and method of the precious metal jewelry inspection technical institution on the certificate should be remembered, once the consumer has doubts about the quality of the precious metal jewelry purchased, the quality inspection department can be timely to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.


Precious metal jewelry wear and maintenance Gorgeous jewelry is not only the true witness of people, full of people's beautiful yearning and sustenance. Some people buy jewelry as gifts, some people buy jewelry to get married, and some people buy jewelry for themselves, hoping to get the kind of fashion and beauty that jewelry symbolizes. Of course, for ordinary people, choosing the top ten jewelry brands may be a more difficult thing, especially for those who have just joined the work and do not have a long time to get married, the purchase of jewelry is more troublesome. Here also remind you do not have to worry, you can also choose China's well-known jewelry brands, the same quality is guaranteed, and the cost is very high, by a lot of people love. Therefore, the purchase of jewelry is by no means a simple thing, I hope that some of the above content can help you to buy to let you and your he (she) heart of the jewelry.