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Where is the best place to travel in summer vacation? It's an ancient town

2018-03-10 09:36:00

Long summer vacation, is a good time to travel, presumably many people have begun to plan where to travel the best summer vacation. For people with ancient town plots, ancient town may become the best place to travel in the summer vacation. If you are tired of seeing the huge crowds in Zhouzhuang and Wuzhen, if you want to find a little peace in your heart, it is definitely a place where you will not regret it. The ancient town is a rare piece of pure land among the six ancient towns, most of the ancient town or local residents live, there is no Wuzhen, Xitang like the commercialization, there is no street of vast crowds and network magic, some just quiet, quiet. Where is the best place to travel in summer vacation? Let me enumerate a few features of the ancient town.


Little Lotus Village in July coincides with the blooming of lotus flowers, and there is no better time to visit Little Lotus Village! You can fill a "day lotus leaves infinite green, ying sun lotus different red" beauty! Xiao Lian Zhuang is the palace of Liu Yong in the Qing Dynasty - "the head of the four images", his three secrets of prosperity are really words and words, quite reasonable! First, "there must be people in the government", second, "to deal with foreigners", third, "future generations should read", I think the contemporary businessman will also have a sense of resonance.


In ancient China, the scholastic officials emphasized the importance of "farming and inheriting the family", the prime minister and the chief assistant had a lot of books, and the family had quite a lot of experience in the collection of books. It was built between 1920 and 1924 by Liu Chengqian, grandson of Liu Yong, the owner of Xiaolianzhuang, and features a gold plaque that reads "Chin Ruo Jia Ye", a gift from the last emperor, Puyi - although this was no longer a gift, since the Qing Dynasty had long since collapsed. Collecting books is a very expensive and energetic activity, even more laborious than collecting antiques. With the wealth of the Liu family as a guarantee, although it is a library in a small town, it cannot be underestimated.


Zhang Shiming was the eldest grandson of Zhang Songxian, one of the four elephants, and the cousin of Zhang Jingjiang, another famous Kuomintang veteran. He was fond of collecting ancient books, stone inscriptions and rare stones, and was one of the four major book collectors in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. The whole Zhang Shiming old residence covers an area of nearly 5000 square meters, which is naturally a very large volume in the town where the area is not particularly large. There are five falling and four entering, 150 Chinese and western buildings, and the combination of Chinese and Western architectural styles is fully reflected here.

Matters needing attention

Where is the best place to travel in summer vacation? May wish to come to such a hard to find ancient town -, feel the unique charm of the water town.