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What tea can drink lose weight

2018-04-27 17:36:02

Herbs because of its fragrance, irritation or other benefits and the whole plant or part of the use of dry, wrapped roots, stems, skins, flowers, branches, fruits, seeds, leaves, etc., can be called flowers, its growth period is shorter than woody plants, and easy to access, the use can be said to be a variety of, most of them are used in beauty and skin care, body slimming, health care function and other aspects.


Senna leaf: It has the effect of draining heat, passing convenient water, eliminating fat and bacteria, and heat accumulation and stagnation


Lotus leaf: Since ancient times, the Chinese have regarded lotus leaf as a good medicine for weight loss. Because the lotus root, lotus root and leaves have simple diuretic and defecation functions.


Dried thin fruit: can relieve heat and thirst, clear liver and bright eyes, eat for a long time to remove human fat, reduce cholesterol, reduce blood viscosity, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, acute and chronic hepatitis patients suitable for long-term drinking.


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Verbena: It has the effect of helping to purify the stomach, remove oil and help digestion. Anti-constipation, hangover and other effects. Long-term drinking tea can not only reduce weight, but also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.