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What should I do if my nose is dry in winter?

2018-04-22 17:36:25

As the most important olfactory organ, the importance of the nose to everyone is self-evident. But with the arrival of winter, the air humidity drops, and many people feel dry and uncomfortable noses every day. Let's take a look at how to deal with a dry nose in winter.


Spicy barbecue food as little as possible to eat spicy barbecue food, we generally eat spicy feeling, many people can not help but sweat, this is mainly due to the role of capsaicin, because most of these foods contain capsaicin, and capsaicin will promote our adrenaline secretion, thereby promoting the secretion of our body sweat glands, So when we eat spicy is not mainly because the environment is too hot, and the role of capsaicin, and our body water loss too much, may lead to dry lips and nose, so eat less spicy is right; Warm tips: Barbecue food is best to eat less, the benzopyrene inside is carcinogenic substances.


Wash the nasal cavity daily, and remove the dirt after softening it. You can wash it yourself with warm water, or you can buy a special nasal washer. Read the instructions carefully before operation to avoid discomfort.


Drink plenty of water to avoid getting angry. Fire will often aggravate the dry nose, so usually drink more water, enhance the blood circulation in the body, can improve the nasal blood circulation to a certain extent, reduce the symptoms of dry nose. Drink water should also pay attention to the method, to drink a small amount.


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Eat a light diet, abstain from tobacco and alcohol, eat less spicy hot and dry food. Alcohol, tobacco and spicy hot food may cause the abnormal expansion of blood in the nasal cavity, and because the mouth and nose are connected, it will also cause a direct impact on the nasal cavity so that the nasal environment is dysfunctional, and over time it will cause a vicious cycle of dry nasal environment.


Sometimes, our nose is dry mainly due to the low humidity in the air, than the northern winter, the air humidity is generally low, this time is easy to cause our body skin moisture loss, nose dry bleeding inflammation, so it is best to do a good job in the air humidity maintenance, it is recommended to add a humidifier in the room, To maintain humidity in the air; Warm tips: The humidifier should also be cleaned frequently, which will produce some germs.


From the nutritional aspect to improve dry nose. In fact, the nasal cavity is also A small environment, and has a rich blood and nerves, follow less spicy food at the same time, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, will also have a good effect on the prevention and relief of nasal dryness.