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What should be noticed after pregnancy

2018-04-23 00:00:39

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and some pregnant women often have no difference in the early stages of pregnancy, but the amount of food increased. But some pregnant women have serious morning sickness reaction, the body has become very fragile, but also more than vomiting, then how to do to reduce vomiting?


Pregnant woman


Bland food


Air. Not at home, or in the place of pregnant women must pay attention to ventilation, to ensure that the air circulation, so that you can breathe smoothly, not easy to produce nausea and vomiting symptoms.


Watch your diet. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and don't eat anything spicy or taken out of the fridge. Keep things like seafood to a minimum. In short, do not eat any food, do not overeat, you can eat a little, eat several meals throughout the day.


Regular birth check-up. Some people are not very aware of the prenatal check-up. The prenatal inspection program should be once a month. From the initial birth test whether pregnancy, to whether there is a fetal heart, to the normal development of the fetus, fetal thinking examination, fetal nervous system screening, pregnant women's blood sugar, blood pressure and a series of birth tests are better to monitor our pregnancy state, better to help our pregnancy and production. That's why regular checkups during pregnancy are so important.


Do not have sex for the first three months and the last three months. There may be some people who do not avoid in this respect and feel that there is no situation, but everyone's physique is different, and most of the pregnant bed does have an impact on pregnancy. Especially in the same bed when just pregnant, it is easy to cause vaginal bleeding. So be sure to pay attention.


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Don't go where crowds gather. Crowd gathering places are easy to cause congestion, which will increase your fall, breathing is not smooth, increase the probability of morning sickness, and increase fatigue, which is more harmful to pregnant women, so it is recommended not to go to crowd gathering places.


Don't go to places with pungent smells. Usually we smell pungent places will feel uncomfortable, not to mention after pregnancy, sensitive to smell. If you go to a place with a strong smell, it will cause our mood to be poor, resulting in our morning sickness reaction to increase, and the body will feel uncomfortable.


Don't do heavy physical work. Because heavy physical labor can damage our bodies, if you bend down to carry a heavy place, your waist is too hard, the muscles are pulled up, may cause you to fall, or hurt your body, which will increase our probability of miscarriage.


Try to be accompanied when you go out. Pregnant women are prone to fatigue or a series of symptoms that we may not imagine, and people suddenly faint in the late stages of pregnancy, if no one is found next to them in time to go to the hospital, you can imagine how horrible the consequences are. Therefore, when pregnant women go out, try to be accompanied by someone to avoid accidents.

Matters needing attention

Keep a good mood when you're pregnant


Diet must pay attention not to eat spicy things so as not to stimulate the stomach