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What kind of jade is half black and half yellow-green

2018-04-27 01:36:30

Half black and half yellow-green is steel jade. Jadeite colored with green is moss green jadeite, most will show dark green and color, with gray tones is the worst ringworm and green jadeite. Ringworm green is a special kind of ringworm in all kinds of ringworm, it is green is very thick, has not opened to form a block of thick and beautiful ringworm, is the state of Yan and green. Tinea green can be on the skin or jade flesh are mutually reflected, that is, tinea and green doping each other. In fact, moss green jade refers to the surface of the jade raw materials will show different sizes, different shapes of spots are generally blocky and banded appear most, most will show a dark green and bright, with a gray tone is the worst ringworm and green jade. Tinea plus green jade price factors, in addition to the jade seed water, color, texture, defects and so on. The most important thing is the color distribution of ringworm and green. General ringworm plus green jade color will be very rich ringworm into black will have a feeling like people feel similar to the moss on the edge of the ancient well.