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What fishing rod is suitable for wild fishing in the reservoir?

2018-04-27 08:00:05

What kind of fishing rod should we catch in the reservoir? Here is a simple introduction for you.


Rock fishing rod, a pure rock fishing rod, when the hand rod is broken instead of the hand rod, to have the corresponding accessories, can also replace the sea rod.


Rock fishing rod sliding line group, fishing far fishing deep, in some can not fishing waters we can choose such a combination


3.6 Short rod, pull small fish, play frequency, can do so when you can't catch big fish, mainly not hurt the wrist


The hand pole above 6.3 meters, the large water surface such as the reservoir, is not equipped with a long pole is absolutely necessary


Luya rod, can play two when you can't catch fish, there may be a surprise oh, fishing rod fishing in the water can also anchor hook pull oh


Long throw, in some waters not suitable for near shore fishing can be used to make up for the shortcomings of short rods oh