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What do parents think of children playing with their genitals: Is it gross?

2018-04-23 06:24:35

When the child feels lonely to self-love, when the trouble to self-use, when abandoned to masturbate. It confused the parents and obviously interfered. Even the most progressive parents feel humiliated when their five-year-old son walks around in public clutching his genitals. Of course, most parents have heard, read, and even experienced for themselves that masturbation is harmless and does not cause madness, impotence, infertility, or any other disease.


Parents accept in common sense that masturbation is a necessary stage of normal child development, but they find it difficult to accept this fact emotionally. These parents are right that masturbation is not okay.


The act of masturbation will reduce the closeness of children to their peers and parents. Similarly, the influence of peers and parents on him is also reduced. When he indulges in this momentary comfort, he does not have to rely on the help of others to delight himself, and effortlessly creates a world for himself and his hands.


If the habit of masturbation continues, it becomes the most convenient refuge for children when setbacks come. With this convenient substitute, he need not struggle for success.


Children who masturbate need more care and love from their parents.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


Parents can put gentle pressure on this kind of masturbation, because it is not only disturbing, but also impeding progress - it impedes personality development and reduces human interaction. But the pressure must be gentle, or it can spiral out of control and become self-defeating.


The solution is: be sure to make the baby or young child feel the love of their parents, cause them to be curious about the outside world. In this way, masturbation is no longer the only thing that can satisfy him, and the child will shift the focus from satisfying himself to feelings for his parents and interests in other things. At this point, the occasional masturbation is no longer a big problem, just an accident waiting to be solved.