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What are the world famous jewelry brands?

2018-04-04 03:12:12

Jewelry was originally just jade products, with the rapid development of The Times, the category of jewelry is constantly expanding. Bright bright, hard texture is the biggest characteristic of jewelry, it is not only a kind of jewelry can also reflect a person's taste and identity. Here are some of the world's most famous jewelry brands.


Cartier is a French jewelry brand with a history of more than 100 years, and its popularity is in the forefront of the world. Cartier designers have many years of experience and unique design concepts, each gem is repeatedly selected and carefully made, so it is loved by the royal family of many countries.


Bulgari Bulgari brand headquarters in Italy, the overall design is avant-garde, it is good at using different colors of gems with colorful. At the same time, Bulgari combines fashion and retro elements to make people have double visual enjoyment.


Tiffany is one of the famous jewelry brands in the United States, focusing on diamond-based jewelry design, it created the six-claw setting method to improve the manufacturing speed and quality, romantic style is favored by many newlyweds is the first choice of wedding rings.


Van Cleef & Arpels is a French luxury brand with a long history and rich cultural heritage, which is loved by many upper-class people. Van Cleef & Arpels inherits the unique artistic sense of Paris, and every piece of jewelry exudes a noble and pure atmosphere.


Di Jue Di Jue is a famous brand from China, which focuses on European style. As the benchmark of China's jewelry industry, Emperor Jue has always maintained the exquisite craft and fashion design concept, and has well integrated the classical elegance of China and the simple fashion of the West.


Harry Winston is a jewelry brand founded more than 100 years ago, over the years to focus on the diamond cutting process, the perfect cut of diamonds can be several times the price. At the same time, every product is carefully considered before it is released.


Mikimoto Mikimoto is one of the famous jewelry brands in Japan, which focuses on pearl series. It adheres to the use of high-quality pearls, polished after the connection with the silver base, the appearance of white and bright, once hosted all the contestants in the global beauty pageant jewelry needs.


Bocheron Bocheron is also a French brand, it is mainly private, each customer is the elite in society or the royal family. Boucheron is bold and beautiful as the keynote, adding natural elements to the shape of strange.