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What are the truck maintenance contraindications?

2018-05-11 16:00:51

As the saying goes, the truck is three parts repair, seven parts maintenance. In the process of truck use, the components are inevitably worn, and must rely on maintenance to maintain the normal use of the truck. But also be careful, improper maintenance will aggravate the loss of the vehicle.


First, avoid only adding oil: oil is called the "blood" of the engine, and naturally it is to "metabolism". It should be noted that the oil also has to pay attention to, do not only add in order to save. Because the oil will deteriorate after the truck travels to a certain mileage, adding new oil directly will lead to the long-term mixing of old and new oil, greatly reducing the lubrication effect and accelerating engine wear.


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Third, avoid indiscriminate use of butter: In order to prevent the nut from rusting, some repairmen apply butter on the tire bolts and nuts, but this may be risky for the truck. When the tire nut is tightened, the thread can be self-locked. After oiling, the friction between the threads is reduced, the self-locking function is reduced, and the nut is easy to loose and the safety is reduced.