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What are the features of live Q&A?

2018-04-04 01:36:03

In just a few days, the live answer platform has become the hottest topic, and its rapid popularity has become a phenomenon Internet product, which is closely related to its own model and communication mode.


1. Knowledge competition with low threshold and high bonus is not new. Various puzzle competition programs were once popular, but this mode was transplanted to the Internet live broadcast platform, which greatly lowered the threshold of participation and made more people become participants from spectators. The high bonus and rapid withdrawal mechanism are also tempting users to join them and try their luck.


2. The invitational resurrection system should be the driving force for the rapid spread of live answer games, which makes full use of the imagination of social communication. The mechanism of inviting friends or forwarding the circle of friends to obtain the opportunity of "resurrection" spontaneously forms a transmission effect, and also makes the activity without promotion costs, and the platform can quickly acquire users. This also makes the live broadcast platform quickly occupy the circle of friends and the major communities, in addition to the invitation to get the chance to revive, the "sun results" after customs clearance continue to enhance the communication effect.


3. In the early promotion of star effect, finding various stars and big V publicity has become a common practice for each answer live platform to drain.