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What are the details of college entrance examination banquet drinking

2018-04-13 03:12:22

As the saying goes, the wine is the thicker the drink, but there are also a lot of knowledge on the wine table, the following summarizes some of the small details you have to pay attention to on the wine table. Details 1: Leaders drink each other before it is their turn to toast toast must stand up, both hands to toast details 2: you can respect one person, never one person to respect many people, unless you are the leader Details 3: You respect others, if you do not clink glasses, how much you drink depends on the situation, the other party's alcohol, the other party's drinking attitude, must not drink less than the other party, to know that it is their respect details 4: Respect others, if clinking glasses, a sentence, I drink, you at will, show generosity details five: hold the glass, the right hand choke the cup, the left hand cushion the bottom of the cup, remember that their cup is always lower than others. Detail six: If there is no special person present, it is best to touch the wine in clockwise order, do not play favorites. Detail 7: Clinking glasses, toasting, to say something, otherwise, why should I drink your wine? Detail eight: If, purely if, there is not enough wine, the bottle is placed in the middle of the table, so that people can add themselves, don't go to a stupid garbage pour wine, or the people behind no wine how to do?