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What are the criteria for a rich family to choose a daughter-in-law?

2018-05-14 12:48:12

Today's society is a very realistic society, when the girl marries, the only standard for examining the man is to see that he is not good enough, not strong enough, not enough to let himself live worse-free, in many girls' eyes, as long as you can marry into a rich family, as long as you can become a rich wife, what small three curse, what true love, it can be ignored, believe that love can be slowly cultivated. As a result, in this real society will stage a farce of rich families to marry, and there will be a scene of girls competing for each other. Do you love him enough? Only the girl knows in her heart. However, when some girls are still trying to become the boss's "little secretary" and compete for the "second wife", some smart girls have already focused their eyes on the boss's children who have grown up in the family, and their future life goals on these "rich second generation" boys. The vast majority of the "rich second generation" themselves have a relatively good academic background, they either studied abroad, or studied overseas for many years. Similarly, there is no shortage of beautiful women around them, many of them are more arrogant and like to be held by others, so it is not an easy thing to get these "rich second generation", girls not only to excel, but also to meet the "rich second generation" of their own mate selection standards, to feel. Therefore, girls want to enter this kind of family in addition to their own appearance must be outstanding, but also must have the character of boys appreciate. However, although now is the age of freedom in love and marriage, young people have full freedom to choose the marriage object they like, but for families with a lot of money, the vast majority of parents will arise from a natural suspicious heart, they will suspect that girls like their children is for the money of their family. They will doubt the real purpose of the girl marrying into a rich family. Therefore, many rich families have a great deal of involvement and intervention in their children's marriage, they like the family match, and require that the excellent quality of the girl should meet the standards of the ideal daughter-in-law in the eyes of the "rich second generation" parents, so sometimes they do not respect the child's own choice. They think more about whether the son's marriage will give the family business points or points, more about whether the family business can really be followed by someone, more about whether the girl is compatible with himself after entering the door, and the problem is more rational. So, getting the parents of the "rich second generation" to like them is far more difficult than getting the "rich second generation" themselves, and perhaps it will be a harder job than imagined. 1, the parents of the "rich second generation" family usually like to choose those gentle personality, educated, traditional family, stable personality, more clever and sensible obedient girls, it is best not to compete for the husband's thunder, both live husband and not bully husband, everything low-key not to make trouble and not too much publicity girl. 2, the parents of the "rich second generation" family like girls beautiful but not too smart, especially do not like those who always show off their smart girls, those who intentionally or unintentionally challenge the authority of their parents. Because the opinions of rich people are usually not openly opposed by anyone. 3, the parents of the "rich second generation" family because they are simply difficult to control and control their son's interests, or can not guide their son to focus on the family business, so the girl who wants to become her daughter-in-law has the ability to control her husband's efforts in accordance with the parents' wishes. 4, the parents of the "rich second generation" family also hope that their future daughter-in-law can assist their son to carry forward the family business, especially if there is a rich son in the family, but also hope that the daughter-in-law can completely train the son to inherit and carry forward the family business. 5, the parents of the "rich second generation" family hope that the son can marry the daughter-in-law can respect and filial piety parents, especially to respect the views of the father-in-law, the main task is to be able to open branches for the family to breed offspring, of course, if you can give birth to a boy is quite ideal, you can make the family business someone. 6, the parents of the "rich second generation" family usually hope that the girl their son will marry is more compatible with them, can have a similar temper and cheerful personality, can participate in the family business management together, and can help their parents share family affairs when they return home, get out of the hall and get into the kitchen. Although the parents of the "rich second generation" family will eventually listen to the opinions of their children, however, if the girl the child chooses has a serious deviation from the ideal of the parents, it is generally hoped that the child can obey the opinions of the parents, after all, the parents are well-informed, and the parents' marriage gatekeeping for the son is actually to consider the interests of the family as a whole. At the same time, the children of rich families are usually used to the powerful rule of their parents, and are less likely to be opinionated and stubborn, after all, not obeying their parents' arrangements can bring serious consequences, and even cancel the inheritance right. If the girl wants to enter the "rich second generation" family, want to become a member of the family, first of all to get along well with the future mother-in-law, which is the key key, therefore, to frequently flatter, coax the prospective mother-in-law happy; The second is to absolutely respect the future father-in-law, this is the focus of the key, so spend time with the future father-in-law to chat more, let him feel your understanding and kind filial piety; Finally, of course, it is to get your love boyfriend, at this time, the boyfriend will certainly stand in the same country with you, so long as the boy is convinced of you, you want to enter the "rich second generation" family to be a young grandmother's dream will come true.