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What are the common varieties of grapes

2018-04-05 09:36:57

The grape is a berry, one of the oldest and most widely distributed fruits in the world. Its berries are mostly round or oval, and their color varies with the variety. Large grain, thick skin, less juice, more water, skin and meat easy to separate, taste sweet and sour, storage and transportation of Eurasian grapes are also called raisins.






Summer black triploid European and American hybrid parent: Jufeng X seedless white Basic characteristics: this variety is rich, sweet and refreshing, with strawberry flavor, grain weight 8-10g, ear weight 700-800g. The fruit is nearly round, purplish black to blue-black. It is also very easy to color in places with high night temperatures, with consistent coloring and ripening. The skin is thick, crisp and non-astringent. The fruit powder is thick. The flesh is hard and crisp, without flesh sac, and the juice is purplish red. Requires hormone-free treatment.


Jufeng grape, is a medium - ripe variety, the species is tetraploid. European and American hybrids. Originally from Japan. Oinai Yasukang was bred in 1937 with large grain Cambeyer as the mother and Morita as the father, which is a tetraploid variety.


Seedless white chicken heart grape also known as green grape is European subspecies. This variety has green shoots with sparse fuzz. The young leaves are reddish with sparse hairs. The 1-year branches are yellowish brown, stout, with long internodes. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, 5-cleft, deep cleft carving, the upper cleft carving is closed, both sides of the leaves are not hairy, and the blade edge is large and sharp.


The average panicle weight is 829 g, the maximum panicle weight is 1361 g. The fruit grains are oblong, with an average grain weight of 5.2 g and a maximum of 9 g. Treatment with gibberellin can reach 10 grams. Pericarp yellow-green, skin


Thin meat crisp, rich sweet, containing soluble solid 16.0%, containing acid 0.83%. Fruit ripening uniform, slightly rose aroma, excellent quality. The tree is strong and the branches are strong. Fruiting branch rate 74.4%, each fruiting branch


Produce 1-2 ears, double ear rate of more than 30%.