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Vietnam Cambodia Travel advice

2018-04-04 04:48:35

Because there are more guides in these two countries online, but there are also a lot of guides before going, and I think it is necessary to give some advice.

I. Weather and equipment

Hot. Really hot. In addition to Guangdong and Guangdong people, people in other places in China do not eat much, so the clothes are absolutely short-sleeved. It is necessary to bring a pair of sandals, even people who are afraid of heat like me wear sandals for more than ten days. The commemorative T-shirts available in Vietnam are not all cotton (it may take time to shop around). Sunscreen and summer medicine with some, I do not use sunscreen sunburnt molting until the back of the hand. Electric mosquito repellent incense is very necessary, because there are many mosquitoes. Tents and sleeping bags are free.

Ii. Visa

Vietnam visa must be done in, in Phnom Penh can also be expedited, but there are many variables. Cambodian visa can be issued at the Vietnam-Cambodian border, generally no problems. Laos visa had better be done, I just took a car from Siem Reap to four thousand US islands (12 hours, Siem Reap has a car to go that line, ask a few more to compare the price), in that bird of a shit border was stopped, a car only my wife and I are Chinese, stop me alone, even my wife is the first time to go abroad is OK, they said my name in their computer problems, It can only be handled at the consulate in Phnom Penh. Everyone in our car had tipped us $2 in advance, and I finally told the driver that it was okay to pay more, but I still don't know why. So in the future, some people take this line, it is best to get a good visa, otherwise there is a problem, pay a lot of money, and there is no car back that day, can only hire a local car at a high price to stay in Shangding for one night, and then the time is too late, can only be unwilling to fly back from Phnom Penh.

Three. Eat

The most popular food there is Western food and similar Thai food, if three meals a day can be accepted, then everything is OK. Like my wife and I are not too picky food, but even after eating 10 days also can not stand, in Siem Reap dumpling house is good, you can eat a moving Chinese taste. There is not to adapt to the western breakfast, it is best to bring some brewing polenta, etc., where to buy instant noodles really and 25 years ago is a taste.


In general, the conditions of Vietnam are much better than Cambodia, and the Vietnamese baguette can be filled with a lot of things, and it is recommended to sandwich the fried beef. Saigon Quan An restaurant is very good, delicious things, prices are affordable, very recommended, is to go to the evening may be a lot of people to allel, it is best not to look at the menu when ordering, you can take a piece of paper to the scene of the dish to see them write the name of the dish on the paper directly to the service students can, so that you can ensure that the dish you order is completely consistent with the imagination, The address of the restaurant is 50 meters right in front of the Independence Palace, a pony road, there are a lot of recommendations on the Internet, you can find, and in Saigon may also be very famous, the driver generally knows. Hoi An is a very Chinese town, the specialty is "White rose" and a kind of mixed noodles, both very Chinese dim sum taste, very worth trying.


The seafood in Vietnam is good, especially the barbecue. After the intersection under the Nha Trang Bridge, there is a large seafood stalls area, equivalent to a small-scale road, Vietnam's seafood practice is mainly barbecue and hot pot, we ordered a live lobster 500 yuan less than 1 kg (there is a crayfish live only half the price, Vietnam's big lobster is green, crayfish is dark red), hot pot spices are too heavy, The lobster's umami is covered, the base shrimp can be used as shrimp, and overall the taste is very good, and the price is a little cheaper than Menai. In Meinai, I went to the BOKE barbecue beach recommended by many people, because there are many people recommended, the business is very xin rong, half of them are Chinese, the boss BOKE is already a veteran, no longer shy before, the price has risen a lot (maybe we went to the time is the second day of the year, he said that there are few people at sea), things are doing well, lobster is brush butter, very fragrant, My advice is that it is a very heavy flavor anyway, the lobster does not need to be alive, buy it chilled, and the price will be half cheaper.


Cambodia a lot of Chinese, so a lot of Chinese, Phnom Penh nothing recommended is passing by, Siem Reap places to eat are concentrated in the bar street, to find a free to see the dance of heaven, to go early to occupy the space, traditional food is AMOK, I think is a curry, try once can also, eat more feel tired of. Old market, bar street is a self-help tour of the concentrated place, consumption is more expensive, if you have the energy to spend some time to go around the unknown small market, there will be unexpected surprises (dumpling house next to the point there is one).


Angkor scenic area of the meal are small expensive, here you can have two choices, if you are not afraid of heat and more inclined to deep travel then have lunch in the scenic area, and then go to the most popular places, such as Tabukong Temple Bayon Temple, etc., you can relatively avoid the flow of people, and most of the people out of the country do not want to endure hardships, then choose the second road, talk to the TUTU driver in advance, small circle big circle noon back to Siem Reap, So you can eat and rest. To be honest, because of the hot weather and aesthetic fatigue, I recommend most people choose number two, although I choose number one.

Four. Stay

My wife and I are not high requirements for living, as long as the toilet is clean, so the basic way to live more than ten dollars, just to sleep is not happy to carry a big bag to go upstairs to see the room. Basically Hanoi accommodation concentration point in Hoan Kiem Lake old market, Saigon in Van Wu Lao Street, other places in Sinh cafe(Sinh tourist) around, Phnom Penh in the Capitol station side, Siem Reap a city are accommodation, backpackers concentrated in the old market, bar street area. I have to say that Meinai is a veritable holiday mecca, eating seafood barbecue, staying in the resort sea view room, swimming in a daw to see handsome men and women around the world, let me think that sometimes FB travel is also a lot of attraction. Neither Vietnam nor Cambodia personally feel that they do not need to book a place online in advance, because when I went to the peak season there are many empty rooms, I do not believe that the accommodation is how tight. If the accommodation requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to live a star-rated wine, and not the same, even if only marked with two stars, it must be a lot better than the private small GESTHOUST, four and five stars can be compared with the same level, of course, the price should be more than 1 to 200 US dollars a night. Mena's best wine is on the southwest side, and there's only one four-star to the northeast, but Sinh cafe is on the northeast side so you have to think about that. Siem Reap's MatherHome fame is very loud, we did not book, and is the most prosperous season, so did not live to live must be booked in advance, the boss Yongan good, and can introduce the Chinese tour guide, TUTU driver to you, the only shortcoming is a little far from the bar street, to sit TUTU to arrive.

Five rows

Sinh cafe is the most famous cafe in Vietnam. Other cafes, such as Brother, also do the same business, so it seems that there should be no problem. In fact, the core product is OPEN BUS and short tour. With the help of these two products and a little English communication, the whole trip will be no problem. There are many marked Sinh cafe near the old market in Hanoi, but there is really only one, you can find it on the guide, but there is no problem with the ticket commissioned by Li Ghost or even the place where he lives, that is, a small fee is added. Vietnam requires each family to type on the post, EMAIL, etc., so you can still find the real thing with this. No car is very good, clean and tidy, sleeping car is even better, here a few more words, I hope that our people can control themselves when abroad, after all, you represent not only your personal, health habits, speaking habits, do not disturb others, In my sleeping car to Menai, there were three women in a southern province in the sleeping car to chat and eat sunflower seeds until night, and the noise made a whole car of people did not sleep well, they were unaware of it, feeling that the people in that province were like locusts outside, and they did not see anything interesting, laughing all day, plus they liked to eat wild animals, and did not cultivate themselves to the extreme, and they were ashamed enough. All thrown out of the gate, please respect yourself!


From Vietnam to Cambodia by water, Saigon to Phnom Penh, by boat, by boat, walk for two days, and stay in Chu Tuk at night, but now the two-day group can not see the floating market, it seems to be possible to take three days, before the group should ask Sinh cafe. If you take a car, you can go to Phnom Penh at dusk one day, and I personally feel that the Mekong River is like this, a little child takes a bath in the water at dusk, and sees the boat in the past will be very excited to say hello, which is the only simple feeling. Customs clearance is also relatively smooth, the people on the boat will ask you if you need to exchange your spare Vietnamese dong for Cambodian riel, but the exchange rate is very unpleasant. Cambodia takes the Capitol bus, it seems that they have a cooperative relationship with Sinh cafe, Sinh cafe will park the bus directly to their station, where the station, travel agency, restaurant and hotel are integrated, as a place to stop for only one night is still very convenient, there are many food stalls around, and long-distance IP call is super cheap.


We went to Siem Reap is the sixth day of the year, but also the peak season, fortunately, the long holiday just passed, otherwise the accommodation is very tight, chartered three days we used 100 dollars, because the road to find a mother and son together, so it is also cost-effective, feel four people a TUTU car can sit down. Personally, I don't recommend our TUTU drivers as they are average. Take a look at other people's recommendations online, I'm sure some of them are good. The key to talking about TUTU cars is to see the number of sunrise and sunset, whether to return to Siem Reap at noon. On the third day, the outer circle is by car, and the avalanche is still far away, I feel that TUTU is more difficult to get there, the queen's palace is very small, and the core area is not allowed to enter, the carving is preserved very fine, the overall feeling is not good, high step Spencer is also general, but the avalanche avalanche is very good, because it is controlled by non-(like what special army) to buy another ticket, Pay 1 dollar for someone to take you in and out of the ruins, they do not know these roads, or worth it, the feeling of the sunset is better, suitable for photos.

Six. Play

Before the trip, I said to my wife that Vietnam is a journey to enjoy, Cambodia is a visual journey, Laos is a spiritual journey, but it is a pity that Laos did not go, the first two I said right. Vietnam's main places to play are coastal, similar, Hanoi similar, Hoi An similar, Nha Trang similar, Minai similar, Saigon similar to the previous, on the whole is sightseeing and leisure tour, there is no great intensity. Cambodia is completely different, because the buildings of Angkor are tower style, so you basically climb up and down in the weather of more than 30 degrees, the intensity can be imagined, the wife to the next afternoon basically only enjoy the temple gate, but there is a paradise for photographers, especially when the sunrise and sunset.


Under the Chinese group is visa-free, so the tour group to go more and earlier, consumer prices will rise, where the sea is relatively shallow, living on the ship generally not very shaking, so you can sleep well at night. Hue is the former capital of Vietnam's last feudal Nguyen Dynasty, to see the so-called imitation of China's Forbidden City system of capital is not so big, probably only China's former larger county government, and half of it is abandoned in the reconstruction. Nha Trang is mainly a four island tour and a mud bath, this other skills will be mentioned, it is different, I think the four island tour is good, is a bit of sun. If you are interested and have time, you can also walk along the road at night, and the feeling must be very similar to walking on the lovers road. Mei Nai is spent in a daze and enjoy, tired and thirsty on the roadside to a cup of sugar cane juice or SHAKE, the joy of life is nothing more than this, the big project is to pack an American jeep to several dunes, in the red River there will be a lot of Vietnamese local children follow you, say "all the way dangerous" ask to take you to walk in the river, you do not agree with the words will be hostile harassment you, Take care to protect your camera and the like, but in general the hill is worth going to. I only stayed in Saigon for one night, personally I feel that people will love Saigon, and Saigon girls are also the most beautiful.


Phnom Penh is more chaotic, go out to pay attention to safety, beggars are also very much, this in Vietnam basically can not see. As a tourist city, Siem Reap brings together a variety of fun projects, and even out at night, TUTU drivers will meet single young men and boldly chat up "Cambodia Girls?" But when you go out, you should be careful, and Cambodian girls are really nothing beautiful, black and ugly... In Angkor, perhaps because of the different information channels of each country, it will be very interesting to find that popular places gather a particular number of people in a country at a certain time, China's skills all say that at four o 'clock in the evening to buy a three-day ticket for the next day and then immediately crash on the two hours of the Bakken Mountain sunset, the result is that the sunset every night is very Bakken Mountain has become the world of the Chinese people. So in fact, those who do not want to join in the fun can be biased thinking, and perhaps there will be an unusual harvest. I did not go to the sunrise of the royal bath, because the first day I went to see it, I did not feel the need to shoot the sunrise there, this feeling will be found in many places. The sunset in Biji Temple is OK, but there are more people to go, it is better to go to Bayon Temple, which is a completely different feeling.


It is necessary to mention that the two-day Mekong River tour we participated in this trip was not the most Chinese people, and I was considering that I did not want to spend time in Angkor to visit the floating village, which is not a good reputation, so I signed up for this project. Its itinerary is to take a three-hour car in the morning to a port on a motorized wooden boat, take you to visit several workshops on the shore, pull directly to an island for lunch, after lunch there is a Mekong characteristic "water song" performance, in fact, is a kind of folk song, and then take a boat to a port at two o 'clock in the afternoon and then take a three-hour car to Zhu Du overnight, in the middle of which you have to take a similar mountain car across. They got a good night's free accommodation, went out to the local market and got the cheapest fruit of the trip. The next day, we are divided into two boats, by the local people to visit the water house, below is the fish, there is a craft production point, the whole hour, and then someone to let you give boating tips, it is recommended not to give too much, because the time is not very long, and this should be included in the tour fee, of course, it is not possible to give, After all, there are many other countries next to them who have paid their money and don't want to be embarrassed. After the visit, he began to take a three-hour boat to the border to do formalities, eat, etc., about an hour to get it all done, change the boat in Cambodia and sit for three hours, just like others said in the guide to go ashore in a field, feeling like smuggling, and then there will be a van to the Phnom Penh Capitol, an hour by car. To be honest, the whole feeling is very general, that is, to the fame of the Mekong River, so there are so many people to take a look, the whole is very commercial, like in tourism, the scenery is also general, almost no decent photos.


Finally say Angkor, in fact, about Angkor really do not want to say anything, because the reputation, the Internet is full of various guides, but there is a sentence also said very well "everyone has their own heart of Angkor", good, with any words may also be difficult to describe when you buy the ticket for the first time to see the small Angkor that moved, It is the most authentic and pure primitive feeling of beauty hidden in everyone's heart, and it is the inner feeling that must be touched by being there, and even makes me afraid, because he "will return to the forest one day." Before you go, you can take some time to look at the background of Angkor Dynasty and understand some architectural characteristics, although I don't think it is necessary to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding, but it is still good to have a general understanding, so that you will not be confused when you look. From my understanding and reality, I can only sigh that this dynasty rose in the 11th century, until the decline of the capital a total of 500 years of history, they almost did nothing, they built houses, unlike other dynasties, always have to do several vigorous battles with neighboring countries. It took millions of craftsmen decades to build just one of these temples, and dozens of such large-scale raw stone temples, palaces and other buildings together can only be described as breathtaking. Personally, I think the most worth seeing in Angkor is little Angkor, Bayon Temple, Tabulong Temple, Bien Temple, Queen's Palace, Bung Meilei, other places are not large, and the preservation is not complete. In Angkor tourism, you will encounter tourists from various countries in various scenic spots, which is the most in China, Japan and South Korea tour groups, and according to my careful observation, the Chinese tour guide with the group is the worst introduction, for the history and culture of Angkor is unknown, "the square stone hole below represents female genitalia, the stone column above represents male genitalia, So the water poured on the outflow is holy water "" That woman stone statue chest you can touch, legend will bring good luck"... Damn, I don't know if they all received their tour guide training in China, which really suits the taste of Chinese people! So I think if you can't get the legendary good Chinese tour guide, you don't have to make up the number, before going to the Internet DORA some information can be read very clearly. I think the pleasure of traveling is not found inadvertently? !

Vii. Exchange rates and consumption

My wife and I are not people who pursue luxury and comfort, especially me, so our spending control is still good. First, let's talk about the exchange rate, RMB to VND 1:2500-2800, the most cost-effective exchange at the border, the lower the farther south, and you can not directly consume, USD to VND 1: 17500-19500 Vietnam to South Vietnam, many can be settled directly in dollars, if you propose to use Vietnamese dong, he gave the exchange rate is often very high, not cost-effective, so Vietnamese dong and US gold are left points, according to his currency is often the most cost-effective. In Cambodia, US dollar to Riel 1:40000-4250, exchange points are not common, because almost all are only priced in US dollars, Riel is basically used for small or change, so try to find a place 1:42000 for small tickets, with more dollars is the most convenient and cost effective. Land entry is the most convenient and economical, can also be, but it is not standardized, and the car is a lot less, if the direct flight to Saigon because of fewer flights, so the most expensive, but also the most time saving, about 2500 yuan one-way more, you can also transfer in Hong Kong Macau or other places, so much cheaper than the direct flight. In Vietnam, Cambodia if the accommodation is not particular, mainly Guesthouse, it is basically 10-20 dollars a night, eat 3-5 dollars a meal, seafood dinner 15-35 dollars a person, because it is the peak season road costs are rising more, Vietnam's Openbus fold down to more than 70 dollars a person, and the Internet has a relatively big difference, One thing to pay attention to here is to try to book the itinerary well, because Openbus can change the time and route, but it needs to charge fees, so it is better to do it once. The next two-day group 25-70 dollars a person, because there is a so-called luxury group, in fact, I think the difference should not be big, three-day group 30-100 dollars a person. Nha Trang four islands tour 8-10 US dollars a person pack lunch, afternoon fruit, water bar, snorkeling equipment, etc., very good value, it is best to directly change into swimming clothes to go. A two-day Mekong tour costs $40 per person, including a night's accommodation and lunch on the first day and breakfast on the second, with some other discounts in the off-season. Phnom Penh to Siem Reap 6 US dollars per person, Siem Reap to 4000 US island more than 30 US dollars per person. Phnom Penh fly 2500 yuan, in Phnom Penh to ask several agents more cost-effective. Siem Reap chartered car 90-100 US dollars for three days, two days TUTU, a day car, crash dense line is far away, to go must be chartered, and do not start too late, he and high step Spencer female palace is two directions, to feel more at dusk. Finally, including the cost of visa in the early stage and the cost of some small purchases in the later stage, it is about 10,000 yuan per person.