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"Victoria" Singapore Malaysia + Thailand 15-day tour

2018-03-12 09:36:00

The luxurious and exciting Costa Victoria is a cruise ship that embodies the warmth and spirit of Italy, and its significance is to become one of the most exquisite ships of our time. Costa Victoria [2] integrates the elegance and nobility of European style with the comfort and delicacy of American style. It is an example of a modern cruise ship with an avant-garde design and a taste for detail that sets new standards.


Bring your own medicine, video camera, camera, battery, film, ferry ticket, ID card, visa


Day 1


Singapore - Victoria sails from Singapore: 21:00


The cruise leaves at 21:00. Please get on board on time. Once on board, take a stroll around the ship to get acquainted with the surroundings and see what the ship can offer you; Or head straight to the restaurant for a hearty dinner as your wonderful cruise holiday has already begun.


The second day


Victoria Cruise (Kuantan, Malaysia) Kuantan Arrival: 12:00 Departure: 18:00


The main tourist attraction in Kuantan is Telok Tsim Butai Beach. Other nearby popular beaches include Black Beach, Barlow and Cilatine. Kuantan special products include handicrafts and badi cloth and products. On August 14, 2003, the Kuantan Toll Highway, the capital of Malaysia, was officially opened to traffic, greatly reducing the travel time between the two places. Most Chinese in Kuantan speak the language of communication.


The third day


Victoria Cruise (Sea Cruise) Indulge yourself in the morning and sleep until you wake up. Take a walk on the deck in the breeze. Today, there is plenty of time to experience the various customs of Italian cruise ships: walking alone on the deck to enjoy the warm sun and sea breeze; Chat with your parents in the teahouse; Friends in the chess room to kill time; Take the kids to craft... Costa Cruises brings you unexpected surprises and discoveries. There are luxurious theatres and lobby bars, glittering nightclubs and lounging libraries.


The fourth day


Victoria Cruise (Bangkok, Thailand) Lam Chabang Port arrival: 08:00 "Bangkok" The capital of Thailand, the second city in Southeast Asia, the main governance, economy, culture, known as the "Buddhist capital". Thais call Bangkok "gun-thep," which means "City of angels."


The fifth day


Victoria (Bangkok, Thailand) Limchabang Port departure: 14:00


Bangkok has the reputation of "Buddhist temple capital", the capital of Thailand, is located in the lower Chao Phraya River, 40 kilometers away from the Gulf of Siam, the city covers an area of 1568 square kilometers, the urban population reached 9.1 million (2010), is Thailand's political, economic, cultural, educational, transportation and the largest city. Bangkok city canals, frequent freight, known as the "Venice". Bangkok Port is one of the famous rice export ports in Thailand and the world.


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The seventh day


Today, the Victoria (Sea Cruise) will welcome a full day of sea cruise leisure time, you can enjoy the cruise luxury facilities, enjoy the beauty of the sea and sky. In the morning, you can stretch out on the jogging trail with the sunrise, or try your hand at the climbing wall. In the afternoon you can leisurely spend your afternoon tea time on the deck loungers. In the evening, you can sing karaoke, dance, enjoy movies in the theater, and combine wonderful and rich activities at your heart.


The eighth day


Victoria (Singapore) Singapore Arrival: 08:00 Departure: 18:00


Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia. The country is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, separated from Indonesia by the Strait of Singapore to the south, and from Malaysia by the Strait of Johor to the north, and connected by two long levees between Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore is one of the best countries in the world.


The ninth day


Victoria Cruise (Port Klang, Malaysia) Port Klang Arrival: 09:00 Departure: 18:00


Port Klang, Malaysia's largest and strategically located in the Strait of Malacca, is an ideal port of call for far-European trade routes and therefore has a clear competitive advantage in the shipping market. Port Klang is adjacent to a free trade zone with a vast hinterland and developed industries that have developed into regional distribution.


Day 10


Victoria Cruise (Phuket, Thailand) Phuket Arrival: 14:00 Phuket is Thailand's largest island and smallest province. It is known as "a pearl on the Andaman Sea" for its charming scenery and rich tourism. Phuket Island is very rich in nature and has the reputation of "Treasure Island" and "Treasure Island". The main mineral is tin, but also rich in rubber, seafood and various fruits. Industry, commerce and tourism on the island are well developed.


Day 11


Victoria (Phuket, Thailand) Phuket departure: 19:00


Phuket original is the meaning of "hill", as its name, Phuket island area of 70% of the hill terrain, lush vegetation, green, in the plane bird's eye view, Phuket Island like a "green pearl" on the Andaman Sea. Phuket has a famous "3S landscape", which comes from the local people's summary of their hometown: sunshine - sunshine, sea - water, sand - beach. These natural gifts to mankind are regarded as the most precious possessions of devout Thais.


Day 12


Victoria Cruise (Langkawi, Malaysia) Langkawi Arrival: 08:00 Departure: 18:00


Langkawi is arguably the most desirable scenic spot in Southeast Asia. Clear turquoise waters and long, gentle beaches make for a paradise-like seaside resort, and lush forests and mysterious and spectacular caves are attractive places to explore. Another advantage of coming to Langkawi is that it is a free port, and tourists who live on the island for more than 72 hours can enjoy comprehensive duty-free concessions for shopping and accommodation on the island, and tourists can get great benefits.


Day 13


Victoria (Penang, Malaysia) Penang Arrival: 08:00 Departure: 17:00


The island of Penang in the state of Penang is known as Polo Pinang in the Malay history book, The Book of Malay Chronicles, and Penang in the Zheng He nautical charts of that year, which is the only place outside China that still uses the Chinese name on the nautical charts for 600 years.


Day 14


Victoria Cruise (Malacca, Malaysia) Malacca Arrival: 12:00 Departure: 18:00


The city has a collection of multi-national cultural heritage. The Qingyun Pavilion, built by Chinese leader Cheng Fangyang in 1567, is the earliest temple in Malaysia, dedicated to Guanyin Bodhisattva, Guan Emperor, and the Queen Mother, and is still a Chinese religious activity today. There is a big mountain above China, which is the most complete and richest place in Malaysia to retain Chinese historical sites.


Day 15


Victoria - Singapore Singapore Arrival: 08:00 Estimated local time 08:00 The cruise will dock in Singapore. Singapore is an island city in Southeast Asia with a warm climate all year round and is a famous tourist city. Singapore is a famous garden city, clean and full of urban atmosphere.

Matters needing attention

Medical Services All ships are well equipped with medical care supervised by doctors and medical staff. Medical care is open on a regular basis. Onboard medical services are available for a fee. These charges will be displayed on the medical spot and automatically deducted on your cruise card. It is also important to note that although the range of medications on board is more comprehensive, it may still not meet your individual needs. We recommend that guests bring their own prescription medications.


Special Dietary requirements If there are special dietary requirements, a request must be made at the time of booking.


The smoking policy respects the needs of all guests, with careful consideration for smokers and non-smokers, and in accordance with international standards, there are fewer smoking areas than non-smoking areas, but smoking areas are planned throughout the cruise area (they may be selected or modified as appropriate based on air sampling).


All the world's brands can be found duty-free on board: clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery, sunglasses, sunscreen, cigarettes, drinks and souvenirs. All cruise ships are equipped with hairdressing, sauna, gym, laundry and photo services; The price is marked on board


Casual clothing is recommended for cruise and shore Tours. For formal dinners, formal attire is required. Considering the temperature difference between indoor and off-deck, it is recommended to bring a sweater or cape. When visiting religious temples on shore, it is recommended to wear clothes that cover the arms and above the knees, and avoid wearing revealing clothes.