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Try to eat less of the five foods

2018-04-26 12:48:39

Most cookies are based on oil, sugar, and starch, and even dairy cookies contain very little milk. Its protein content is much lower than steamed bread and other staple foods, and the crisper the taste, the less protein. In order to achieve the ideal taste, the oil content of crisp cookies is at least 20% to 30%, and all oils contain a lot of unhealthy saturated fat, which has a great impact on the blood. Among them, delicious cookies have worse nutritional value because of the use of animal fat and shortening as fat raw materials, fat saturation is higher, and may contain more unhealthy "trans fatty acids", which are limited in beneficial dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Look at the ingredients list, a small pie, in addition to the basic ingredients, the remaining 24 or five raw materials are additives. Quite literally, this is adding food to "additives." Although pie is "non-fried", its fat content is not low. According to the analysis of the nutrition facts table, it is a typical junk food with high energy, high fat, high sodium and low protein. Crisp snacks have "similarities and differences", containing a lot of fat, additives, few nutrients, and various flavors are basically blended by flavor. The puffed food is basically starch as the main material, after high temperature and high pressure puffing treatment, spray grease and various condiments. This treatment will reduce the protein quality of the main ingredient, and the vitamin will also suffer a certain loss. The crunchier the puffed food, the more likely it is to contain excessive swelling agent, if the swelling agent excessive aluminum, will cause damage to the nervous system. Most of the cereals on the market are a mixture of several grains, of which oatmeal accounts for only a small part, and some even do not contain oats at all. Processed, quick-cooked cereals, instant, no-cook cereals and "nutritional cereals" are all the rage. Some are made entirely from other flours or starches; There are also for taste, added a lot of sugar and oil, easy to consume high calories.