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Travel one day tour guide

2018-03-11 01:36:00

The city is located in the province, many people are familiar with the Daming Lake side of the summer rain lotus said is Daming lotus, every year to the summer, the sky lotus leaves infinite green scenery back to make you fascinated. So how do you get the most out of your day? The following is a small series to tell you





Moisturizing toner


Because it is located in the north, many southerners go to play, the first feeling is dry, so moisturizing supplies must be taken well. The rainy season is in summer, which is the most beautiful season of summer rain. It's a rainy season, but not much. You can hardly carry an umbrella


If you go, it is recommended to take the high-speed rail, and the destination is the West station rather than the station, because the west station has many taxis, the station gate is very congested, and both buses and taxis are not fast. And the west station to the heart is more than 40 blocks of car, very cheap


Because there is only one day, it is recommended that you can do an early train or arrive one day earlier, and it is recommended to settle in the wine near Daming Lake, because the play area is nearby.


Daming Lake. Daming Lake is a very famous scenic spot, in the last search can know how to go, if not, then take a taxi, if you live near Daming Lake, that is the starting price, also 9 yuan, a family of three words with the bus price is almost. Daming Lake is now not charged, so it is recommended to enter from the south gate, how can you go around Daming Lake, the island in the lake has a cruise, but it is not recommended to go because of time reasons. A circle of Daming Lake comes down in about one and a half hours. Finally out the south gate


Five. Fifth, in the scenic area near Daming Lake, use the navigation to look at it and know that it takes only ten minutes to walk past. Five is a very beautiful place, is one of the three springs. Here, it is called the spring city, because there are many springs, hundreds of large and small. One of the most famous is URI, five, Black Tiger Spring and so on


A surname. I'm sure you all know about URI from your childhood Chinese textbooks. Five can be done in about an hour. I'm five doors down, ten minutes walk, tops. Local people say tap water is URI. I can see the profound significance of URI. Uri in about an hour.


Black Tiger Springs. Black Tiger Spring is on the north side of Quancheng Square. It is a very grounded spring water. The water in Black Tiger Spring is hard and theoretically drinkable, but locals often take it back and burn it. Every night, many locals come here with buckets of water, because tap water costs money, spring water is free.


If you eat, there are a lot of Quancheng Square inside, if you want to eliminate you can go to the street on the back of Quancheng Square, there are a lot of local snacks.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to moisturization and safety