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Travel on May Day

2018-03-14 00:00:00

, referred to as "Yu", the provincial capital is. Located in the east part of our country, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, between east longitude of 110°21 '~ 116°39' and north latitude of 31°23 '~ 36°22', the length of about 580 kilometers east and south is about 550 kilometers. The province has a land area of 167,000 square kilometers (ranking 17th, accounting for 1.74% of the total area), and a total population of 99.18 million at the end of 2008, ranking first. It is the most important birthplace of the Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation. It is not only a traditional agricultural province and a large population province, but also a large economic province and a large industrial province. Shaolin Temple, Grottoes, hometown of the Yellow Emperor, Qingming Shanghe Garden, Yin Ruins and Yuntai Mountain, mountain, Funiu Mountain, Stone Mountain, Jigong Mountain are more famous tourist attractions.


With a long history, it is one of the earliest settlements of the Chinese nation and the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization. Numerous cultural relics and monuments, cultural sites, natural landforms, mountains, hills, rivers, constitute a wealth of nature and humanity. Nearby, there are many ancient cultural relics scattered, the more famous are 8000 years ago Peiligang cultural site, 5000 years ago Dahe village site and 3500 years ago Shang Dynasty capital site, they provide a lot of physical data for the study of the origin and development of Chinese civilization, for future generations to understand the life of the ancestors opened a window. In addition, the annual ancestor worship ceremony is held in the hometown of the Yellow Emperor in Xinzheng, which is very spectacular. The Yellow River flows slowly from the north, forming the Yellow River tourist area with magnificent scenery and rich cultural significance; There is a representative of the current city image of Zhengdong New District, etc.;


Tourist attractions: Dengfeng Songshan Shaolin Temple, Century Joy Garden, Museum, Huayuankou, Hometown of the Yellow Emperor, Memorial Tower, Yellow River Tourist area, Peiligang Site; END


Located in the west of the province, Huangan, built by the Duke of Zhou and built in the 12th century BC, it is one of the eight ancient capitals and one of the first historical and cultural cities announced by The State Council. It is the only city named "God Capital" in Chinese history, and is an excellent tourist city in China and a "Chinese brand city that moves the world". Because it is located in the north bank of the ancient Luoshui River, the Heluo area is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Here is the first dynasty "Xia" dynasty, there are three generations of the "Xia, Shang, Zhou", is the "river, Luo Shu" hometown, there are 105 emperors Ding nine states, is the spiritual hometown of the Chinese nation, is "the earliest China".


Tourist attractions: Grottoes, mountains, China National Home, White Horse Temple, garden and so on END


The city is located in the eastern part of the province, is one of the seven ancient capitals of China, known as the "Seven dynasties city". As early as the Northern Song Dynasty, here is the political, economic and cultural, but also one of the most prosperous cities in the world, known as the "international city". The succession of various dynasties left many cultural relics and monuments; The style of the antique architectural complex is distinct and diverse, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing, the early Republic of China features in each period, in addition to the original, iron tower, Xiangguo Temple and other monuments, the appearance of the Song Imperial Street and Qingming Shanghe Garden reappears the style of the northern Song capital. Is a famous painting and calligraphy town, the town of drama, history has produced "Su, Huang, rice, CAI" four calligraphy factions, but also the birthplace of Henan opera harmony locket, to visit the monuments, you may wish to go to the local painting and calligraphy academy or small theater walk, may have unexpected harvest.


Tourist attractions: Tower, Tower, Daxiangguo Temple,


Qingming river


Garden, Bao Gong temple, mansion, etc.; END

Located at the southern foot of Taihang Mountain, it is rich in products and beautiful scenery, and has been one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization since ancient times. Have plenty of travel. The superior geographical location and thousands of years of historical and cultural accumulation have created a rich and unique landscape here. The most beautiful scenery here is the national 5A scenic spot - Yuntai Mountain, especially the Red Stone Gorge is the most famous. In addition, there are not only the Qinglong Gorge, Fenglin Gorge and Shennong Mountain, which are also located in the Taihang Mountains, but also the historical and cultural attractions such as Jiayingguan, Film and Television City and Han Yu Cemetery. Tourist attractions: Yuntai Mountain, Red Stone Gorge, Spring waterfall Gorge, Tan Waterfall Gorge, Cave, Zifang Lake, Qing, Zhuyu Peak, Movie City, Shennong Mountain, Qinglong Gorge, etc.; END

Recommended route:

Yuntai Mountain, Shaolin Temple, Grottoes, Yellow River bullet train round trip leisure 4 days


Day 1 - Yellow River (Main tour: Yellow River Scenic Area) Please go to the railway station by yourself, take the D182 bullet train (09:23, 14:06 arrival) to the provincial capital; After going to the 4A scenic spot [Yellow River Scenic Area] (drive about 1 hour, visit about 1.5 hours), visit the giant statue of the second emperor of Yanhuang, take a hovercraft at one's own expense (80 yuan/person) to visit the mother of the river scenery, experience the ancients "not to the Great Wall is not a hero, not to see the Yellow River heart unwilling" pride, return to the city to stay in wine. ★ Today you can voluntarily participate in the following additional payment items: Visit the Mother River scenery by hovercraft (80 yuan/person) Dining: morning - self-care, mid-care, evening - group meal accommodation: Day 2 - Yuntai Mountain (Main tour: Red Stone Gorge, Tan Waterfall Gorge, Spring Waterfall Gorge) After breakfast, drive to the 5A level scenic spot, the World Geopark [Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot] (about an hour and a half, visit time is about 5 hours) : transfer to the scenic area environmental protection car (included), after the tour length of about 350 meters, Yuxi River in the gorge rushing, green trees, peanuts, beautiful scenery [Red Stone Gorge]; There are three steps a spring, five steps a waterfall, ten steps a pool, the northern nine village known as the "Pool Waterfall", to the high waterfall, deep waterfall "spring waterfall" to enjoy the Yuntai day waterfall; Visit local products (about 30 minutes), check in wine; Meal: Morning - Group meal, Chinese - Group meal, evening - Group meal Accommodation: Day 3 -- (Main Tour: Main tour: After breakfast, drive to the ancient capital of Nine Dynasties (about 2 hours by car), visit the 5A scenic spot, World cultural Heritage, one of the three major grottoes in China [Grottoes] (visit time is about 2 hours), enjoy the interesting Tang three-color craft (about 40 minutes). Drive to [Zhongyue Songshan] (about 2 hours by car), visit 5A scenic spots, Zen ancestral Court, Shaolin Temple (visit time about 2.5 hours), often hospitalized, Tallinn, wonderful Shaolin kung fu performance; Return by car (about 1.5 hours), check-in wine; ★ Recommended at your own expense: Dinner can taste one of the three national intangible heritage water table 880 yuan/table up (100 years old really different). ★ Today, you can voluntarily participate in the following additional payment items: Shaolin Temple scenic area battery car 20 yuan/person round trip, Grottoes battery car 10 yuan/person round trip Dining: morning - team meal, Chinese - team meal, evening - team meal accommodation: Day 4 -- (Main tour: Qingming River Garden, Tower, Bao Gong Temple, Song Du Imperial Street) After breakfast, go to the ancient capital of seven dynasties (about 1.5 hours by car), visit the 5A scenic spot, focus on reappearance of the "Qingming River Map" landscape and Song Dynasty folk customs [Qingming River Garden] (visit about 3 hours), overlooking the tower known as "the first tower in the world", Take a tour of Pan Yang Lake, known as the North, and the ancient and spectacular Song Dynasty Imperial Street, visit the ancestral hall of Bao Zheng (visit time 1 hour), visit the local specialty supermarket (about 30 minutes), after lunch by D184 (14:41 departure) bullet train, arrive at 19:20, end the pleasant journey and return to the warm home!


Dining: Morning - Team meal, Chinese - Team meal, evening - self-care accommodation: Warm home END

Matters needing attention

Communication instructions:


(1) Once the contract is signed and paid in full, the team ticket, train ticket and ferry ticket shall be issued and shall not be changed, signed or refunded.


(2) Adults (over 16 years old) must bring the original valid ID card (or the original valid household registration certificate with photo).


(3) The flight time, travel time and ship journey time shall be based on the actual time used on the day.


Accommodation statement:


(1) Guests only need to report the name or the name of the travel agency (local agency) to check in, usually we arrange 2 people to stay in a room (i.e., standard room);


(2) You can also choose to share 3 people with friends and relatives to stay in a room (that is, three rooms), but most of the listed wine does not have three rooms or less, so we arrange a standard room and a bed, generally extra bed is a mattress or mattress, comfort please understand!


(3) If there is a single male and female, try to arrange the guest to share the room with other group members of the same gender;


Note: If the above arrangement is not suitable for you, please make up the difference of a single room to enjoy a single room. The adjustment of room requirements should be solved in time with the guide. The difference of a single room will be paid in cash.


The tour notes:


(1) The time of sightseeing, free activities and shopping stay is subject to the actual tour of the day;


(2) Tickets and items recommended by local guides are required during the trip, please choose to participate voluntarily;


(3) Please read this itinerary carefully and choose a tour route suitable for you according to your own conditions. During the travel process, if you need to give up part of the itinerary due to your health and other reasons, or tourists require to give up part of the accommodation and transportation, it will be regarded as voluntary abandonment, and the incurred expenses will not be refunded. The personal safety during the abandonment of the itinerary shall be borne by the tourists themselves;


(4) It is not allowed to leave the group without authorization during the tour (except for free activities). Leaving the group midway is regarded as a breach of contract by the tourist, and 20% of the total amount of the contract will be paid to the travel agency. As a result, the expenses of scenic spots, meals, rooms and cars that are not included in the tour will not be refunded.


(5) In case of force majeure factors such as typhoon, natural disaster weather or changes in air flights, as well as unexpected circumstances not caused by travel agencies, travel agencies have to adjust or change the itinerary agreed upon in the travel contract, travel agencies have the right to adjust (change) the scenic spots and accommodation places in the itinerary and their sequence; However, the corresponding losses arising from this need to be taken care of by the guests!


(6) Individual tour guide every day will be different, to participate in the individual group guests must remain unimpeded, in the night before, we will use SMS or form to inform the next day's departure time, guests only need to wait for a special car to pick up at the hotel.


Safety states:


(1) During the tour, we do not assume guardianship of children and tourists over 60 years old;


(2) Personal valuables are properly protected by the tourists themselves. In case of theft, robbery or loss, we are obliged to assist the tourists in finding or reporting corresponding remedial measures, but do not assume compensation and related responsibilities!


(3) Most of the scenic spots in the province are natural scenery. If tourists encounter wild animals in the scenic spots, please do not eat, tease or capture them, and pay attention to personal safety. The province is a multi-ethnic province, tourists in the tour please pay attention to words and deeds, respect the local ethnic customs, folk customs!


The spread states:


(1) In case of national policy adjustment of tickets, transportation prices, etc., according to the adjusted actual price settlement;


(2) If the gift item cannot be given due to irresistible factors such as flights and weather, the fee will not be refunded;


(3) In the process of travel, if there is a refund, the discount price of the refund project travel agency is based on the listed price.




(1) If there is any problem on the way, please try to negotiate with the local guide. If it is not solved, please communicate with the operator in time to solve it;


(2) After the end of the tour, please fill in the local "Tourist Opinion" issued by our guide carefully. Any complaints and disputes related to this tour will be based on the "Tourist Opinion"; Complaints will not be accepted upon return of those who do not fill in or fill in falsely.


★ This trip for individual group, not the independent group, with other travel agencies joint group!

Warm reminder

1, during the journey, please keep the mobile state on, so that the guide can get with you at any time, to provide you with thoughtful and meticulous service. If you have any discomfort, please inform the tour guide immediately, we will provide corresponding services according to the specific circumstances and parties. 2, please do not go to the prohibited area to visit, so as to avoid danger. During the tour, "view without walking, walk without viewing", please pay attention to the safety of your feet when taking photos; In the tour, please follow the guide, do not advance or nostalgia the scenery away from the team, so as not to get lost and dangerous. 3, in case of thunderstorms, do not climb the peak, do not use the iron chain, and do not take shelter under the tree or move to prevent lightning strikes. 4, please try to avoid leaving the group activities, if necessary, please inform the guide in advance, and agree on the return time, return on time, and inform the guide when returning. During the free activity, please travel in groups and avoid acting alone. 5, during the tour part of the driving time is longer, please drink appropriate water according to the length of the driving time before getting on the car. Avoid walking as much as possible during driving to ensure safety. If you have any requirements, please speak directly to the guide or driver. 6, In order to ensure the health of you and others, please do not smoke. 7, when you get off the tour bus, do not rely on the tour bus when you gather and wait, so as to avoid danger. Please keep your valuables with you when leaving the car. 8, when taking photos on the cruise ship, please do not lean against the deck fence to avoid danger. 9, in the process of travel will encounter local small vendors selling tourist souvenirs, etc., if you do not intend to buy, please do not ask, so as to avoid entanglement and unhappiness. 10, please do not feed local small animals, so as not to be hurt. 11. When checking in, please ask for the wine address card at the front desk in time; After entering the room, please check the quality and quantity of the equipment and facilities listed in the list of furniture in the wine room. If there is any problem, please inform the tour guide or wine related service personnel in time for quick replacement and adjustment; Please pay attention to anti-slip when bathing, it is recommended to lay anti-slip mat in advance. At night, please make sure to close the doors and Windows before going to bed and leaving. On the day of departure, please be sure to bring valid documents and motorcycle tickets. All losses and expenses caused by missing the train or plane due to the reasons of the guests will be borne by the guests; By plane, it is recommended to arrive at the airport 120 minutes before the flight takes off. The airline rules stop check-in 30 minutes before departure (45 minutes in peak season) and close the cabin door 10 minutes before departure. By train, it is recommended to arrive at the railway station 45 minutes before the train departure, and stop checking 10 minutes before the train departure; END