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Tourist attractions guide

2018-03-12 03:12:00

It is said that the world is beautiful, but if you do not go for a walk, you will only feel that it is just a backwater... Because of such a "backcountry", she retains a lot of beauty that you do not know, and has the bold and majestic life valley of Yuan thick; There are also mountains of Danxia stone.


Yuanhou Life Valley is located in the central and western parts of Yuanhou Town. It is high in the southwest and low in the northeast. The highest elevation is 1600 meters, the lowest elevation is 280 meters, and the average elevation is 940 meters. Landform for two gully clip a beam, is a valley mountain, valley deep steep slope. The overall topography changes greatly, forming mountains, valleys, canyons, cliffs, mountains and other rich landscape. 59 km away from Chishui City, 198 km away from the city, 280 km away, 178 km away.


The Danxia stone has weathered for hundreds of millions of years, forming a unique natural landscape. According to legend, this is the Tang monk after the return of the scriptures, due to the loss of a scriptures, resulting in the three realms chaos, and Sun Wukong was ordered to take the task of finding the book of heaven, standing in the valley of life with the attitude of the return of the Monkey King, forever preserving the harmony of the three realms.


The natural stone pit at the top of a boulder in Tianpan is filled with water, and the drought does not dry out, and the rain does not overflow. According to legend, when the old man too on riding a green cow passing by the valley of life, but see one of the people are suffering, so help, the tai chi water gift valley people, let them all diseases are removed, so legend has not dried up.


This stone is the stone that Nwa seals the book of heaven, it is said that Sun Wukong is also found the book of heaven hidden here, but can not break the stone to take the book, by Guanyin guidance to thunder, with the celestial artifacts - lightning axe to split the stone, the book of heaven was found and protected by Wukong.