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To the eight attractions that must be visited

2018-03-10 14:24:00

It's a beautiful city with lots of fun. Today, Xiaobian will organize and share the eight scenic spots that must be played for your friends to choose for reference:


NO.1: Gulangyu Island Gulangyu Island is a beautiful island, on this island has a variety of styles of architecture, full of strong literary atmosphere, in addition to the island there are many unique local snacks, is definitely a paradise for foodies.


NO.2: Botanical Garden Botanical Garden is a garden designed around the Wanshi Rock reservoir, all of which are also called Wanshi Botanical Garden ", which has thousands of plants, is a tour garden with four seasons fragrance.


NO.3: Lu Lu is an east-west road of Zhonghua Street in the city. In this street, there are unique southern Fujian style buildings, with local famous snacks and special crafts, is a paradise for foodies and girls. Here you can taste the whole specialty snacks and buy your favorite items.


NO.4: Nanji Temple Nanji Temple is a good place to pray for blessings, as early as the Tang Dynasty, this temple has existed, experienced many times to rebuild the present brilliant temple, here not only has a profound Buddhist culture, but also has a pleasant landscape.


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The university is a campus with pleasant scenery and unique architectural style, where we can feel the different campus environment and strong cultural atmosphere.


NO.7: Zeng Cuo 埯 Zeng Cuo 埯 is a good place near the mountains and by the river. It is composed of several small fishing villages. There are literary shops here, simple and enthusiastic residents, and a variety of special snacks and crafts. It's a good place to visit.


NO.8: Hulishan Fortress Hulishan Fortress has European and Ming and Qing architectural style of the fort, in addition to the scenic spot with natural banyan tree, stone sculpture and other tourist landscape, here surrounded by the sea on three sides, standing high can have a panoramic view of the sea scenery.