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Three Gorges ordinary boat tour line: three Gorges three days one-way Pinghu tour

2018-03-09 16:00:00

Three Gorges a total length of one hundred and ninety-three kilometers, both sides of the cliffs, the river beach and gorge, the rapid flow of water, the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai passed here left a beautiful poem: "The white emperor of the dynasty, a thousand miles a day also; The apes on both sides cannot stop crying, and the boat has passed thousands of mountains." Make Baidi City more famous. Three Gorges specialty: beauty, beauty, beauty stone, beauty: Three Gorges natural scenery, Three Gorges people, Three Gorges dam, beauty: Wang Zhaojun; Beautiful stone: landscape stone magic color red, three Gorges waves.


In the morning in the direction of the square, by the Yu Wan highway to the east Chongqing gateway -, by boat to leave the port, along the river and under the memorial of The Three Kingdoms General Zhang Fei and the construction of the holy land of Zhang Fei Temple, also known as the mountain and the river bank of the new site of Zhang Fei Temple, "river wind clear" four characters are still meaningful, telling the Liu, Guan, Zhang three brothers "Taoyuan knot" of the ancient legend. On a night berth.


Begin to visit China's historical attractions - Baidi City, the boat through the magnificent Yangtze Three Gorges first gorge - Qutang Gorge, arriving at port at noon, transfer to a small cruise boat to visit the famous river small Three Gorges, in the afternoon into the deep and beautiful Wu Gorge, looking up the Goddess Peak, arriving at Jiuwan Creek at night.


One-way guests in the afternoon car to send the group, the end of a happy trip to the new Three Gorges. Return ship returns in the afternoon.

Matters needing attention

Ghost City and White Emperor City in order to highlight their local cultural style, there are places to burn incense and worship Buddha, tourists can choose freely according to their own needs or personal beliefs.


Before departure, it is best to bring your usual cold and digestive drugs. Do not buy food, fruit and mineral water on the stalls casually, and be sure to bring mineral water and paper towels purchased on the ship for a summer shore visit, and bring a small amount of RMB.