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There is a way to clean your workbench. 5 tips to make her look good

2018-04-22 14:24:02

The workbench is a mess, can not find this and can not find there, accidentally knocked over the water glass... The scattered state will not only seriously affect the work efficiency, but also affect the mood, hair-trigger temper ~ so easily create a clean workbench, is very necessary. Now, let's get started. Where do we start? 1. Leave only the essentials on the desktop for daily use: a computer, one or two pens, easy access to "sticky notes", a, real-time file or material, and all other things or folders in the drawer. 2. Those bits and pieces put in the nearest drawer excess pens, erasers, clips, paper clips, orders, these daily use are very bits and pieces, be sure to put the income in a drawer, put in the best case, storage area division, drawer is not a mess. 3. Partition walls and workbenches are rationally used on space rather than they are currently used on convenience and practical techniques. Write a "to do" list on a whiteboard; Be careful not to post it all over the place, the best summary is in a small area; There are also some unusual but important things that can be hung on the back of the diaphragm, which will help your space to be a mess. 4. Regular file processing do not put his memory, overconfidence, whether paper or computer files, should be completed in the first time after the folder, and delete the invalid processing version in the USB flash drive, useless into the shredder. Don't think "after", a mountain of papers will leave you not knowing how to get started. 5. 10 minutes before leaving work every day, put all the things in the station in advance, they will return to the original, the next morning can immediately put into new work, rather than busy workbench.