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The strongest guide to tourism, these ten attractions must go oh!

2018-03-10 12:48:00

The beauty, is a leisurely, a relaxed lifestyle, there, we can really put down the pressure in the heart, good to enjoy the beauty, food, sea breeze and so on. Today Xiaobian will tell you about the travel guide, these ten attractions must go to oh!


This is the closest place to the sky, and the landmark in the twin Towers of the World Trade Center, here just opened a skywalk like the Macau Tower, here called "sea to skywalk", you can overlook the entire outdoor high altitude. Here to take a group of high force grid photos, post to the circle of friends, too cool.


As an invincible sea view platform, Yanwu Bridge is currently the world's "closest to the sea level" a cross-sea bridge. During the day, with the blue sky and the sea at your fingertips, you can close your eyes and feel as if you are in the ocean with the sea breeze touching your face.


Shapowei Art West District is a very famous literary and artistic trend district, which contains artistic elements such as sculpture, pottery, printmaking, costume design, hand-made wood art, animation, music, paper art, video and so on. In the form of free open to the public, and by various fields of artists personally teach everyone to create, everyone can take their own artwork home.


Xiamen University Tunnel is called the most literary tunnel in China, located inside the university, next to the restaurant, is the most literary and longest graffiti tunnel in China, these beautiful graffiti is painted by Xiamen University students. Karen Mok also came here to take pictures.


Ding O Tsai Cat Street as a cat theme street, cat lovers you must come to see. After leaving Xiamen University, walk a few steps, you will be surprised to find this cat-themed block. Ding O Tsai Cat Street. Yeah, it's all cat themed. If you love cats, then you must come here!


Zeng Cuo 埯 it is the most literary and artistic fishing village in China. As a small Gulangyu island, Zeng Cuo 埯 is endlessly small.


"I have a house, facing the sea, with spring flowers... .." Haizi's poems and dreams are romantic and peaceful. Zeng cuo 埯 is roughly the kind of place where there are dreams, poems and distant places.


There is a most beautiful old culture park here, where you can encounter the beauty of bougainplum and old collision. There is a heart-shaped bougainvine in the garden, known as the sacred tree of love. It is said that bring him to this love tree, make a promise, walk hand in hand on the ancient railway track, love can be long for a long time.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Taiwan Folk Village as the only Taiwan folk village, here you can enjoy the history and culture of Taiwan, architectural style, national customs, local songs and dances, craft food and other content.


Wuyuanwan Taiwan campus song "Grandma's Penghu Bay" is here, can play places are Wuyuanwan Wetland Park Black Swan & Maze, Wuyuanwan Bridge, wooden boardwalk, beach, Wuyuanwan sailing port, you can go to play and see oh!