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The most popular Nordic style bedroom at the end of 2012

2018-03-13 08:00:00

The most popular bedroom decoration design in 2012 is the design of Nordic style, in recent years with the change of the trend, the decoration of the house is constantly changing, the decoration design of the house in the first two years is European style, etc., but today Xiaobian introduced in this is not a style of mixed design, but belongs to the Nordic style of decoration, Hope to give those who are decorating the bedroom owners a reference effect. The decoration of this group of bedrooms is all white walls and all white home decoration, even the bedside lamp is a series of pure white decoration, but not pure white is the bedroom floor, with the carpet and the bedroom ceiling design, the ceiling design is with silver and a bit like some pearls fall down the chandelier decoration. Bedroom soft and hard decoration design is very harmonious. Of course, there are different bedroom decoration, some bedroom background wall decoration uses printing and small flower wallpaper and is directly installed on the background wall of the bed a bit like the sun's hard design, which designed his special, and his unique carefully designed decoration.