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The method of work-study for college students

2018-04-15 00:00:40

It is believed that many college students will find various part-time jobs during their college years. But for students without social experience, it is not only laborious but also easy to be cheated. The author has tried many kinds of part-time jobs in the three years of university, and summarized several ways to find part-time jobs and jobs, hoping to help everyone.


Work study through school. For example: library books, inside and outside the school to sell food delivery, pick up and so on. Although the income of the position is not high, but safe and reliable, will not worry about being cheated.


Through reliable recruitment information. For example: leaflet distribution, product promotion, campus agents, tutors and so on. You must be discerning before doing this kind of part-time job to avoid being cheated.


Through some well-known companies, such as McDonald's. This kind of part-time work is paid by the hour, and the security index is high.


Earn page views by writing articles through experience, Douban, etc. You can do it in your spare time and share your life, emotions and learning experiences with everyone. Not only exercise their writing ability, but also earn pocket money. There is no risk at all, and the official platform does not have to worry about royalties.


Through playing games to upgrade, practice, etc. Even though it is easy to earn pocket money, it is not recommended. The risk index and the hardship index are both high.

Matters needing attention

It should be reminded that although part-time jobs have advantages, students still need to study mainly!