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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

2018-04-07 11:12:52

"Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" with its excellent open world conquered a large number of players, the game in addition to the main task, there are a variety of mazes and side tasks, so that players can not extrude themselves day and night into it, the following brings you the "Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" main task process illustrated guide, as well as key BOSS play method explanation, Help everyone pass smoothly.




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Use the Sika tablets to open the ruins gate. Going down the hill to the right of the door, we heard a narrator on the way, telling us to go to a place that had been marked on the map of the Sika SLATE (press "-" to open the map). There will be an old man on the hillside, who can talk, although he can't ask anything.


Apples baked on the campfire can be taken away, and if you like raw apples, you can step on the tree next to it. There's an axe on the hillside. Take it. There is a lake behind the old man, there is a rusty sword on the lake, also take away.


Next to the temple there are stairs, climb up, in the bell tower can be found a soldier's bow. If you climb to the top of the bell tower, you will find an elf who will give you a Seed: コログのミ / Korok Seed. Seeds can be used later to expand the weapon bar and explore during the adventure.


Although there are many places to visit, we will first go to the main destination. Come to the place indicated on the Sika SLATE, use the Sika SLATE to open the organ, and a tower rises from the ground.

Matters needing attention

Although the game is good, don't indulge.