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The game will be the soul of the player's pursuit of the object of experience analysis of the immortal soldier

2018-05-11 09:36:36

The object of the pursuit of the soul player's experience analysis, Xiaobian to share some experience with you. Tool fight will soul SJC0819 Method/Steps "Fight will soul" game, attract players not only a variety of martial arts, in fact, in the game is the same as the player's pursuit of the object, each famous for a long time will have their own special weapons and equipment, and these weapons for many players are very powerful divine weapons, Of course, today we will introduce you to the extraordinary soldier is not the magic weapon in the hands of these generals, but the real super weapon in the legend will come into contact with, then what weapons are they? I believe that the name of Moye will not be too strange to everyone, yes, "fight will soul" there are their figure. In the game, the main role of the challenge is to obtain the upgrade material of the exclusive weapon according to the challenge, as for how important the upgrade of the exclusive weapon is, we have had a detailed introduction in the previous game, I believe that the player friends will want to know where to get this upgrade material, The ability to produce this material naturally makes its role extremely important. The open level of this function is 40, and the whole level is divided into Gan Gen, Mo Ye, and Ou Ye Zi. Three levels can obtain meteorite, black iron, black crystal three materials, they correspond to different levels of exclusive weapon upgrade materials, but each level of the six guardian beast is the real problem players need to worry about.