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The choice and wearing of jewelry is exquisite

2018-04-05 01:36:28

We want to decorate ourselves with jewelry, but we need to know that different occasions are suitable for different jewelry, different age groups need different jewelry, and jewelry wear has certain attention.


Suitable for oneself


Ring for women entering the workplace, is a professional image of the jewelry, so the ring must wear noble, diamonds, gold, silver, etc., as for the roadside stalls of copper products, suitable for students, boys and girls to play with, not suitable for women to enter society, so it is time to take off the ring that affects our professional image.


Wedding rings pay more attention to, the wedding ring here, must be pure, pure gold, white gold, etc., to symbolize the purity of love.


The ring is generally worn on the left hand, and different fingers have different meanings, the middle finger ring indicates that you are in love, the index finger indicates that you want to get married, the ring finger symbolizes that you are married, and the little finger indicates that you are celibate or that you can chase me.


The collocation of necklaces should consider the clothing and occasion, the preferred gold necklaces and diamond necklaces for dresses and formal wear, while the wooden and bone necklaces favored by teenagers are more suitable for casual clothing.


Now in order to catch up with the trend, many young men and women like to have an ear piercing to show their personality, but they do not know that the ear piercing is not only inconsistent with social etiquette, but also the executioner of the destruction of luck. How to put it? As far as our faces are concerned, we have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two lips, all of which are opposite each other, but you have only pierced one ear in both earlobes, which destroys the face and also affects the luck.


At the same time, wear jewelry should choose to suit their own, the wearing of earrings should also look at the face shape, the face is long, do not try long tassel earrings, face round do not choose big earrings. Otherwise, your appearance will be greatly compromised.

Matters needing attention

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