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Ten common strong spirit beasts

2018-04-05 14:24:16

Japanese anime "Naruto" has a lot of battle props, one of which is very special battle props, it is the psychic beast. The ninja world is not only about fighting between people, but also about calling psychic beasts to help you fight. Generally speaking, psychic beasts are divided into three categories, respectively, auxiliary type, combat type, intelligence analysis type, below a look at the Naruto inside the ten psychic beasts.


The Ninju is also the only one that has been summoned a few times by Kakashi, who summons eight Ninju at a time, mainly for tracking and transmitting information, which was used in both Naruto I and II


The eagle is Uchiba Sasuke's psychic animal, mainly used when Uchiba Sasuke needs to move in the air, the eagle with purple and white feathers


Shark is one of the members of the Xiao organization dry persimmon shark psychic animal, dry persimmon shark and shark have a lot of similarities, usually when the fight calls sharks to attack opponents, and finally the shark to suicide dried persimmon shark eat.


Mirage is rarely seen in Naruto. It is the second generation of the Mirage light of the Mirage in the village of Mist, the Land of Water. Mirage can create mirages in the sea city and can use illusions on a very large scale.


The ape demon is the third generation of Hokage psychic beast, known as the strongest contract psychic beast, the status is higher than the snakes and toads, the body is particularly hard, with the King Kong can not break the body, the trick is to transform the King Kong Yi rod, in the third generation of Hokage and snake maru battle died after the ape demon also disappeared.


Toad basic source of the wonderful wood mountain toad hidden, and there are many, whirlpool Namuren, apes fly wood leaf pill, come also, wave feng shui door are called, Toad participated in many battles, as early as the big barrel wood Hui night period before the existence.


Wan Snake is the representative of the snake, the leader of the psychic snake family, the first appeared was summoned by the snake pill, the attack is super strong, died in the battle between Sasuke and Didara, and then the medicine man's head created the second generation of Wan Snake through the cells of Wan snake. The psychics are Serpent Maru, Medicine Doko, Uchiba Sasuke.


Slug and Wan snake and Wunta is a level of psychic beast, can summon people are Ganghand, Haruno Sakura, is a rare medical department psychic beast, play a pivotal role in the large-scale battlefield.


Crows are also used in Naruto quite a few times, Uchiba Weasel is used the most often, and Aoba and Uchiba Shizuizu are also used, but not by the same crow group.


Turtle in the Naruto appeared very few times, the psychic or the best at the body art of Kai, the role of the turtle is not big, in addition to Kai and in the air, there is no fight. Other than that, what other psychic beasts are you interested in?