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Strawberry season play village children's playground

2018-04-05 06:24:20

It's strawberry season again. Because I went to see Dashuhua a week ago, I did not catch up with the strawberries in February, and the early March is also good! A line of 7 big 4 small, walk Jingcheng, Ben Chang Jin, the destination Xingshou strawberry garden. This is the third year we've been picking strawberries at the same house. The strawberry garden is quite large, and generally each household contracts several greenhouses. We went to this house, not too limited to taste, the price is very suitable, so every year to call a group of friends to pick. The owner of the greenhouse said that the temperature of their shed was low, and Zhangji did not go on the market before the Spring Festival, which was the first crop of fruit. Picking is not the same as buying in the supermarket, since we have been picking for three years, we rarely buy what is sold in the market. The ones picked are naturally ripe, and those sold in supermarkets are generally picked off with a red tip in order to facilitate storage. The taste is different, of course. Of course, there's another part of the fun of picking. Especially with the children, into the greenhouse, treading mud, small hands picking the red strawberry fruit, eating in the mouth, is definitely a very enjoyable thing! With the four children, is a river work seriously, dudu basically do not work, only standing on the ground to eat. Twin little sister Qianqian do also good, little brother zhuang zhuang body slightly ill, dead or alive. Blush sweet through acid, Zhang Ji is full of sweet. Pick whatever you like. In a strawberry garden like this, it's easy to pick more, because everything looks good. Before you know it, everyone's home loaded. In Grandma's words, over the limit again. He picked strawberries, ran next to the northeast pan tai fish. This is similar to the country house, and the distance between the two is not far. Guotai fish naturally eat fish, there are rural children's playgrounds. Village house to ticket, pot tai fish here free of charge. The pot fish is not much attractive, mainly the village children's playground in the yard is too suitable for children. The venue is large, all free, play with the "toys" that parents played when they were young, that is really called a "addiction". Can be hard to play! There are various "equipment" and "facilities" for older children, as well as guardrail swings, trampolines and a sandpit for younger children. And a small natural ice rink. dudu is having a great time here, running around all over the place. Pan Tai fish to queue, wait for the queue, eat into the mouth, it is really called a "beauty". It's so delicious! Go on to the children's playground after dinner! Ha ha the following pieces are from Chuanchuan mom: