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Spring Festival cross travel guide

2018-03-11 03:12:00

The famous Transverse Film and Television City must be most Chinese people know this place, there are countless movies and TV plays created here, and the stars who have come here are also domestic and foreign mouths. Where is the beauty of such a powerful place, today and Xiaobian to see what it is.


Qingming River Map here is based on the Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan "Qingming River Map" inside the house built. The unique scenery here is the best interpretation of this picture, walking here as if swimming in the painting, this kind of satisfaction must only be realized in this place. There are also more than 200 films and television blockbusters such as "Little Li Feidao", "The Peerless Double Jiao", "Young Huang Feihong" and "Jingwu Hero".


The majestic momentum of the Qin Palace here will make you feel the kind of solemn and solemn palace, and the 120-meter-long Qin and Han Street, incisively and vividly show the style of the Qin and Han dynasties in front of visitors, which also allows visitors to experience the social habits of that year and the unique majesty of the palace.


Hong Kong Street, Street here is Heng World Studios is one of the main buildings, where there are a number of symbols of British colonial rule of European architecture, constituted Hong Kong's political, economic, cultural. This is also a rich introduction to Hong Kong's historical experience and Hong Kong's unique heritage of Chinese. Walking here has a feeling of walking in the streets of Hong Kong decades ago, and a patriotic sentiment will surge in my heart.


The Ming and Qing Palace is built in accordance with the Forbidden City, and it also brings together characteristic buildings, restoring the entire capital of the Qingming period intact to this. Here also like "Princess of Pearl", "Palace lock heart jade", "The world is peerless", "Palace baby", "Heaven and Earth hero", "Ming Dynasty" and other film and television master was born.


Transportation all over the country can first take the live car to Yiwu, and then from Yiwu to Henghe by car, and now the traffic is more convenient, presumably also have their own methods.


In this gathering place, the food naturally will not lag behind. Steamed bread d ¤†¡ ¢Meat, acorn tofu, sugar Yang, glutinous rice sausage, mildew dried lai, and ham, these are all the food that must be eaten in Hengli, but also unique here

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