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Solve the problem that 3D HD Blu-ray player plays 3D source subtitles out of center

2018-04-26 19:12:26

Everyone downloaded a 3D movie, especially the left and right format and the upper and lower format of the non-Blu-ray original disc source, with Blu-ray HD player played on the 3D TV to watch, is there a problem plaguing everyone, that is, the subtitles are not centered, either split to both sides, or flash screen. Generally the most extensive SRT subtitle file is a text file, HD Blu-ray player is hard solution, can not be 3D soft processing, so the subtitle in 3D viewing mode after the subtitle problem. This software is to 3D process the text subtitles, form transparent 3D graphics subtitles, and 3D movies are played at the same time to solve the problem of subtitles centering.


3Dsubtitler Chinese version


Install 3Dsubtitler Chinese software and support JRE to ensure the normal use of the software.


Double-click "3Dsubtitler_cn.exe" (Chinese version) to start subtitle production: Select the downloaded SRT subtitle file (no stereo subtitle processing) and the subtitle output address after the production is completed, and then add the subtitle composition component address, that is, the "BDSup2Sub.jar" in the downloaded folder for specific Settings refer to the picture (set and save). The ratio is generally selected 16:9, which is related to TV. Then check the input, click Convert, and wait for the subtitles to generate!


Generate a subtitle file or change the movie name to the same name, put it in the same folder, and play it.


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This is the centered state of the subtitles when playing in 3D mode