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Small experience in the correct use of electric water heaters

2018-04-22 03:12:08

Not what electrical appliances, should be familiar with its performance, safe and correct use. The following is to share with you some small experience in the correct use of electric water heaters.


Before heating the electric water heater, make sure that the mixing valve is closed, that is, the handle needs to be pressed down. This avoids spray or waste after opening the water inlet valve.


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Then the power plug of the water heater is connected, the electric water heater needs to use 16A wall socket because of the large power, otherwise it is easy to damage the socket.


After the power supply is turned on, the water temperature in the bucket displayed by the water heater needs to press the power switch on the panel and then enter the heating mode. When the heating indicator light turns on, it indicates that it is heating.