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2018-03-10 22:24:00

Located in the heart of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore was originally the state capital of Selangor, founded in 1860 and officially became the capital of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. In a century and a half of gestation, from a "muddy" transformed into a famous tourist modern city, with the largest mosque in Malaysia, is a model of urban planning in today's countries.


    Generally speaking, Chinese citizens need to obtain a visa outside the country to enter Malaysia. Individual travelers who do not have a visa in advance can apply for a port visa if they enter Malaysia via Thailand or Singapore; Visiting tour groups from China can apply for port group visas, provided that the Ma Reception travel Agency is authorized by the General Administration of Immigration and has been filed. Passengers arriving at Tioman Island in Pahang State via a third country can apply for a visa on arrival if they can present a valid return ticket.


Documents required for visa application:


1) Original passport (valid for at least 6 months)


2) 2 "photos


3) Copy of ID card


4) Employment certificate


5) Air ticket booking form


    Visa fee: 80 yuan/person


    Visa duration: 3 working days


    Visa application place: Malaysian Consulate for application




Consulate Address:


Embassy of Malaysia


Address: No. 2 Liangmaqiao North Street, Sanlitun City


Zip Code: 100600


(008610) 65322531


Fax: (008610) 65325032




Consulate General of Malaysia


Address: Room 15-18, 19th Floor, Citic Plaza Commercial Building, 233 Shitian Road


Zip Code: 510613


: 020-38770365


Fax: 020-38772320; 020-38770769


Territories: 、、、、




Consulate General of Malaysia


Address: Sakura Wine 401-405, 29 East Province Road


: 0871-3165088


Fax: 0871-3113503


Territories: 、、、、


Malaysia visa



: 021-60871727; 021-60900390



Tip: When filling out the visa form, it will be required to fill in the whole English, you can first call the consultation and then fill in the details;


Visa in Malaysia for a single visa is 150, more than 230, three working days to issue a certificate.



Day 1: Independence Square → POE Main Train Station → National Mosque → National Museum → National Park → Building


Take a sightseeing bus to the historic Independence Square, the site of the National Day celebrations. Sitting opposite the Sultan Abdul Shah Building, the Independence Square presents a modern style reflecting the traces of history. Take a photo of the world's highest flagpole at the south end of the square.


Next to Singapore Railway Station. POE Train Station is a model of Moorish architecture, carefully designed by the famous architect Kebo, arch columns and domes are now majestic, and the minarets are more ancient and modern, giving people a Byzantine fairy-like feeling. It is not so much a railway station as a four-sided castle, with train lanes in between, trains coming in and out of both lanes, and the gates of both lanes are exquisitely designed.


If you want to learn more about Malaysia's deep culture and sacred religious atmosphere, the National Mosque and the National Museum are the best places to visit. Covering an area of 5.5 hectares, the National Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. The half-century sacred standing has penetrated the century-old history of this country, and also integrates the harmony between modern and traditional. It is the representative of Islamic architecture, and the splendid culture and art of traditional Islam are explained in a modern way, which is novel and wonderful.


The rich National Museum is located in the western suburbs of POE, is a typical national comprehensive museum, it was not opened to the outside world when it was established, the country announced in 1963 began to open the exhibition to foreign visitors, the museum shows the pride and pride of a nation.


After visiting all the way, the pace is a little tired, then go to the national park to relax, meditate to enjoy the unity of nature and strange man-made landscape, if you are lucky to have the opportunity, you can observe the Congress in the park after the appointment.


In the evening, to the National oil building to enjoy the brilliant lights, the bright light of the night scene, will let you leave a good memory of the whole tour. The charm of the night scene is not only limited to the bright neon lights, the endless flow of traffic, like the blood of the city in the flow, those mottled in the night, to the city adds a mysterious sense of layer.


Day 2: Genting


To Po, Genting is a must-visit resort, it is a popular spot in Po tourism. In the morning, go to the scenic area of Genting to enjoy the vastness brought by nature, and wander in the fairy pavilion among the sea of clouds. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the fun of picking strawberries and Hu Ji gardens in Avana Genting Plateau, and experience the joy of work and harvest with locals and tourists from all over the world. Then go shopping at the highest altitude in Malaysia and give yourself a shopping spree. After a full day of running around, you want to get full relaxation, you can go to M SPA to relax your nerves, professional massage services will be for you to drive away the fatigue of the day.


Day 3: Indian Street → Star Hill In the north of the district, there is an impressionist Indian Mosque street, which is an ideal paradise for walkers. There is a wide range of Indian clothing on the street, this area is a populated area of Indians, their authentic Indian dress, as well as friendly and enthusiastic attitude, give visitors a feeling of being in India, which is the travel across the country. If you want to taste the local cuisine, take a walk to the nearby Hindu temple and taste the authentic and delicious curry.


In the afternoon, go to the famous "Golden Triangle" of the whole of POE, that is, the local business and financial - Star Hill, where there are many high-end meals, large-scale shopping, classic theaters, various restaurants, here, whether it is accommodation, dining, or shopping is very convenient.

Matters needing attention

When entering the house, guests must take off their shoes at the door or on the landing, unless the host has given permission.


After entering the house, the host and the guest should greet each other and shake hands. When shaking hands, they only touch each other, and then put their hands in front of their forehead to show sincerity. When shaking hands with the locals and taking food, they should use their right hand, which is considered unclean;


When you find that there are other guests in the room, and you must pass in front of them, you must bow your head slightly, and say, "Excuse me," and then walk to your place;


Sitting in a chair can not cross the legs, especially in front of the elderly should not be so, women should be together feet, behave more elegant; If you sit on the ground, it is best for men to cross their legs, and for women to kneel and not extend their legs;


The host puts out drinks and snacks to entertain the guests, and if the guests refuse, the host will be unhappy;


When a guest wants to go, he should say goodbye to the host, who usually sends the guest out of the door;


Visiting at dusk, when Muslims pray, is frowned upon, and evening visits are usually at 8:30;


Don't touch people's heads casually, and don't point at people with your index finger;


Enter the temple must slippers, do not expose the arms, legs, etc., to wear trousers, long skirts and other neat clothing, women's clothing should not be too exposed.