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Skills and methods of playing suona

2018-03-14 01:36:00

The suona is a traditional instrument with a long history. Let's learn how to play it




Playing the suona requires a bit of skill. You need to press the sound hole completely with your fingers. If the sound hole is not strictly pressed, the sound is often not allowed.


Playing the suona usually takes a lot of energy, and the higher the tone, the greater the gas consumption. - It is not possible to perform for a long time without intervals, but trained players, especially folk artists, who play the suona, compete with each other for enduring endurance." "Cyclic ventilation method" is the most common method of playing, such blowing can make the breath always full, can make the music uninterrupted for a long time, and even the whole song a e gas into, so that the audience is greatly addicted.


The best position for containing the whistle is the upper lip near the root of the whistle surface, about a quarter of the length of the whole whistle, and the lower lip, generally about a third of the whistle, is suitable. Only by correctly mastering the position of the lips containing whistles can the desired sound effect be emitted. Playing suona in the above position will make the tone concentrated, loud, subtle and pure and thick.


If you are a beginner, then the whistle piece is best thin, too thick is unable to move, and practice the suona, practice putting down and picking up the suona several times a day, until you can quickly press all holes after picking it up.


When blowing, be careful to plug all the holes tightly, you can check yourself, or look in the mirror, you can also ask others to help correct, because if you do not cover the holes tightly, it will not blow or break the sound.