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Single spring beginner tutorial

2018-03-14 03:12:00

Single spring is also called black, is a kind of wooden musical instrument, it is relatively low quality requirements for learning personnel, so many people like to learn single spring, here is a brief introduction to the novice is how to learn single spring.


Single spring


Know the single spring. Understand the structure and various components of the single spring, as well as the different models of the single spring, simply learn how to choose the right reed for the single spring, the installation and disassembly of the single spring and maintenance.


Learn a single spring. Learn the basic knowledge of single reed music, such as staff and notes, etc., master the common terms of single reed, such as playing speed and force.


Play the mouth. Single reed performance of the mouth, directly related to the quality of the sound, practice should be more understanding of the difference of different mouth, and strive to make a correct mouth.


Breathing methods. Breathing is an important factor in playing a single spring. Beginners must learn the correct breathing method and pay attention to distinguish the difference between different breathing and pronunciation.


The pronunciation technique. Articulation is one of the playing skills that single reed performers must master, mainly through the movement of the tongue to achieve the perfect articulation effect, pay attention to the coordination between breathing, fingers, mouth and tongue.


Means of transportation. Finger movement refers to the movement of the fingers when playing, which is directly related to the mastery of other playing skills. Beginners should try to overcome the problems of finger movement method when practicing, and play timely and accurately.


Playing posture. When playing a single spring, whether standing or sitting, keep the body upright and relaxed, and try to make the instrument an integral part of the body.

Matters needing attention

1, learning a single spring, can not expect to be accomplished in one move, cumulative practice can achieve something.