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Singapore five-day tour to Singapore and Malaysia

2018-03-12 08:00:00

1, Tasting: Singapore Nionya meal, Malaysian Bak Kut Teh, curry fish head, Golden bread chicken; 2, special arrangements: Genting First World buffet, Lake view Chinese cuisine, make you taste endless; 3, enjoy: giant Merlion body dark night thunder laser fountain, car tour POE Qianxi Avenue of Stars.


Day 1: Hong Kong - Singapore


Gather at the designated time and place and head to Hong Kong Airport for a luxurious flight to Singapore, the Garden City. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to Sentosa Island to enjoy the Laser Music and water dance performance, which will impress all the group members (depending on the flight time). After check-in wine rest


Day 2: Singapore - Malacca


After breakfast, visit the city view and the Parliament House, built in 1827, was originally owned by a wealthy businessman, later became the seat of the court, and in 1965, became the seat of Singapore after independence; Merlion Park; City Hall; The High Court; Visit Mount Hwa Ba - Experience the "majesty" of Singapore's second highest mountain with a panoramic view of Singapore; Visit duty-free jewellery and grocery stores. After lunch, take the limousine bus north along the North-South Avenue to the historic city of Malacca, Malaysia. Visit the Sanbao Temple, Sanbao Well and Gate. After dinner, check in for wine, after a little rest, take a colorful tricycle night tour of Malacca city, feel the style of Malacca.


Day 3: Malacca - Genting


After breakfast, visit Holland Square, the Red House, Saint Francis of Assisi, St. Paul's Church and the Malaysian local specialty store. After driving to Singapore, after lunch, visit the Hindu resort - Black Wind Cave (free taste of Indian special food - pancakes and tea), and then visit the world-famous tin maker in Malaysia to see the tin manufacturing process and finished products. After that, it went to the Genting Plateau of Monte Carlo in South Asia. Group members can visit the only casino and other entertainment in Malaysia.


Day 4: Genting Po


Breakfast in the wine, after dinner drive down the hill to the slope, visit the National Palace, Independence Square and museum, visit duty-free jewelry, bird's nest monopoly. Then go to the Wizard of Oz, enjoy a Malay dinner with the beautiful lake restaurant, enjoy the Malay indigenous dance performance while eating, but also participate in the stage in person, feel the traditional Malay customs. After dinner, take a water taxi to see the 6-star Malaysian wine - Golden Horse Palace Wine. Then drive to the famous Avenue of Stars in Singapore to enjoy the night view of Singapore and experience the modern side of Malaysia.


Day 5: Singapore - Hong Kong


After breakfast by luxury passenger plane return to Pearl - Hong Kong, after arriving in Hong Kong dispersed group. Group members can stay in Hong Kong for 7 days at their own expense.

Matters needing attention

Currency: RMB, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, in general wine and exchange can be exchanged. Food: Singapore mainly buffet and Chinese food, if you do not want to bring your own snacks. Weather: The average temperature in Tai Kok is around 32 degrees Celsius at this stage. Time: Thailand time and time difference of 1 hour, Singapore and Malaysia time and the same. Voltage: General wine can use 220 volts and 110 volts power supply (two-pin flat pin plug). Medicines: Please bring your own medicines for emergencies. Specialty: Singapore for pharmaceutical oil, cosmetics, Malaysia for handmade tin products.