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Sheep machine description

2018-04-14 00:00:23

Sheep machine is a very specific characteristics of the snack equipment, roast sheep machine is simple to use, roast sheep machine high-grade, beautiful, sanitary, stainless steel body, rotating roast sheep machine for night markets, restaurants used as barbecue food, mainly used for barbecue. The roast sheep machine is light, flexible, easy to operate, and is also suitable for mobility operations. Sheep machine smoke-free barbecue, completely eliminate smoke. The production of fly ash, sheep machine's unique structural design, sophisticated technology, the shell is made of stainless steel laser cutting, beautiful appearance. The sheep machine saves energy and gas, and will never burn and temper. Completely overcome the shortcomings of the traditional barbecue stove, the sheep machine uses 5 ceramic plates burning stove, horizontal arrangement, up and down fire is very good. Rotary roast sheep machine is made of high quality stainless steel plate, and has insulation layer, heat preservation and gas saving; Do roast the whole sheep machine high temperature tempered glass, barbecue process at a glance. Sheep machine automatic temperature measurement, can adjust the strength of fire, control the barbecue temperature, simple and safe operation. Sheep machine is made of imported plates, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust. Sheep roaster has unique design, reasonable layout, easy operation, low air consumption and high thermal efficiency. Sheep machine selection of high-quality igniter and gear motor. The rotating sheep machine uses a wide and high temperature resistant tempered glass window, and the food is baked at a glance. Sheep machine using mold stamping one-time molding, the advantage is strong and resistant to burning, long service life.


Stainless steel material


Ceramic plate


Tempered glass


Premium igniter


Geared motor


It is used for the whole sheep roast processing, and can also be used for the roast processing of chicken, duck and rabbit meat.


Small footprint. Beautiful appearance.


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Matters needing attention

If you have a child, pay attention to safety, love to move is the nature of the child, rather than not let him move, let him start his own baking something, as long as the next call on the line, maybe the child baked something better than you. If the child is too young, keep him away from the fire for fear of burns. Don't let the kids do it while pulling carbon.


If the carbon in the furnace is not burned out, it must be extinguished, saved for next use, or poured into the trash. If you can not find the bin is best to bury it, do not throw it away. Don't forget to clean the area after the barbecue and keep the environment clean. If you light a bonfire, bury it, stomp it down, and restore it.