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Self-help tour guide the latest experience

2018-03-09 17:36:00

In July 2016, the author went to a fleeting trip, and had a more comprehensive understanding of how to play more economically and time-saving, and wrote it here for friends' reference.


1. Ticket and ticket booking: Determine the travel time, book the tickets and tickets in advance, and the tickets are generally booked half a month in advance with large discounts; 2. Wine reservation: According to the booked tickets and ticket time, book good wine online in advance to ensure that the destination can be timely checked in the appropriate wine, the best choice of wine near the subway station, so convenient travel, because the subway traffic is particularly developed, almost direct to every scenic spot within the urban fifth ring road; 3. If you choose to travel by plane, it is recommended to purchase a pick-up service online, so that before you get off the plane, the pick-up person will wait at the exit of the airport and deliver you directly to the wine; 4. Suggested itinerary: First day: One day at the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. The day before going to the Great Wall, buy a Great Wall and Summer Palace through train online, choose the earliest trip, so that you can return to the Summer Palace at 14 o 'clock, with a guide throughout the tour, and no induction or compulsory shopping links. Special reminder, do not believe the station, airport, scenic spots, wine and other self-promoting black tour guide, black rental. Day 2: National Science and Technology Museum, Bird's Nest, Water Square attractions one day. Take the subway to the National Science and Technology Museum, where there are cafeterias and western restaurants. Those with young children are especially worth a study tour. In the afternoon, come out from the science and Technology Museum to have dinner nearby, and walk 10 minutes to visit the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube. Day 3: Get up at 3:30 a.m., take the subway to the Tian 'anmen Subway Station, exit the subway is Tian 'anmen Square, the national flag raising ceremony (usually around 5:00 in summer). After the flag-raising ceremony, visit Tian 'anmen Square, count the heads in the square, and have some breakfast. From the gate tower down, along the central axis road through the Duanmen gate tower, start to visit the Forbidden City (Forbidden City or the Palace Museum). The Palace Museum needs to buy tickets to enter, in order to reduce the queuing time, you can buy tickets online the day before, visit at the ticket gate to brush your ID card, do not need to pick up another ticket, very convenient. After entering the Forbidden City, through the Duanmen, meridian gate, gate, etc. to the north, out of the Forbidden City, opposite is Jingshan Park. Mount Jingjing has a panoramic view of the Forbidden City and a panoramic view of the capital. Chongzhen hanged the old locust tree, and thought hard about the rise and fall of the family and country. Jingshan has fast food, after eating out, if the physical strength can walk to the National Museum to visit (on the east side of Tiananmen Square), if feeling tired, Jingshan gate has a tricycle, spend 15 yuan, the tricycle will send you to the National Museum, free visit to the National Museum. Remember to enter the museum before 14:00, because it will close at 16:00. After coming out of the National Museum, if you are not tired, you can choose to walk East Street to Wangfujing Commercial Street, enjoy the different scenery of the world's first Street, feel the commercial flavor of Wangfujing known as the world's gold street, if you are a star, official second generation, rich second generation, congratulations, you can shop here. Special reminder: After entering the security check in the square, there is a special storage place, first store your backpack and so on before going to the queue, only allowed to carry, wallet, vest, slippers will be refused to visit. You don't need to buy a ticket, just wait in line for about 1,500 meters. After visiting the Great Hall, (subway, taxi, tricycle) it is recommended to arrive at the east gate of the university before 10 o 'clock (the only gate that can enter the visit, remember that it is the east gate, not the east gate), because at 10:30 Peking University stops the security check to enter the visit. After visiting the library, Weiming Lake, Boyata Tower, come out from the west gate (the main gate of the North, this is the west gate to take photos of the gate). Quickly eat a good lunch, if you feel that you are physically strong (if you are physically weak, there is a tricycle at the door), you can go straight to the right side of the gate after the west gate, turn right after the first traffic light, walk about 1500 meters, is Tsinghua University, this is the west gate of Tsinghua is also the main gate of Tsinghua. After a stroll in Tsinghua, less than 50 meters away is the Yuanmingyuan, you can play until 21 after buying tickets. The famous water method lies deep in the garden. Entering the garden can stimulate our patriotic enthusiasm, but also feel the broad and luxurious royal garden. After the visit, there is a subway station at the gate that can reach any place within the fifth Ring road. Day 4: Temple of Heaven, Military Museum, Qianmen Dashilan Walking Street attractions one day. Temple of Heaven is the Temple of Heaven Park, is the Qing Dynasty emperor spring worship valley God, winter worship place, two hours is enough. Temple of Heaven need to buy tickets, it is recommended to buy a joint ticket rental at the gate entrance to visit the interpreter. After coming out of the Temple of Heaven, you can take the subway to the National Military Museum, and get a ticket for free. This is a textbook on Chinese military and weapons, and it is worth visiting for those who are interested in military affairs. From the military museum, take the No. 122 bus to the park station, go to the park to visit, feel the "Dream of Red Mansions" in the colorful world. This is the filming location of the 84 version of the TV drama A Dream of Red Mansions. Play garden, should be in the evening, you can rush to Qianmen Dashilan Street to eat snacks to fill the stomach, and then walk in Dashilan Street, feel the old taste. Day 5: Lama Temple, Confucius Temple, Imperial Prison, Prince Gong's House scenic spots one day. Take the subway to Yonghegong Station, the exit station is Yonghegong, which opens at 9 o 'clock to play, so don't go too early. Yonghe Temple is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in China, formerly the Yongzheng Palace, Emperor Qianlong was born here, so it is known as a blessed place. Opposite the Lama Temple gate is Chengxian Street, along the Chengxian Street walk 50 meters is the Confucian temple and the Imperial College. The Imperial College was the highest institution of learning and the highest educational authority in ancient China. The Confucian Temple is a place to worship Confucius, the first ancestor of teachers. Tired, hungry? Out of the Confucian Temple, walk along Chengxian Street to the end of the street, where affordable restaurants serving various kinds of snacks are everywhere. After lunch, spend 2 yuan at Yonghegong Temple and take bus No. 13 directly to Prince Gong's Mansion. Prince Gong House, is the private house of the big corrupt official Ho-Shen, Ho-Shen was executed by Emperor Jiaqing, took over the royal property, Emperor will give this house to his son King Gong, so later called Prince Gong House. Here you can feel the democracy of the Communist Party, but also can feel the huge energy of corrupt officials. Out of Prince Gong's house, you can walk to Houhai, where you can feel the old Hutong culture and enjoy the local snacks in Huguosi Street. To Houhai to be an elegant person, sitting at the bar, tasting wine, listening to music, watching the lake, do not have a mood. (Houhai and Qianhai are connected). Eat and drink enough, see enough beauties, walk 100 meters to the subway station, take the subway back to drink and dream. Day 6: Zoo, Aquarium, Tenraku Clothing wholesale Market day. Behind the zoo is the aquarium. These two places bring together the world's animals, both on land and on water. After your visit, take a look at the nearby Tenle Palace, especially for women. Here is a uniform foreign trade clothing, a collection of clothing and clothing export enterprises. If you have time, you can also visit the China Aviation Museum in Shunyi District. It was originally a military base of the Air Force, nearly 700 meters long and 100 meters wide in the bomb shelter gathered thousands of various aircraft, as well as tanks, and the history of aviation development. But to get there there is no direct bus, subway, either by car or by bus, very troublesome. It takes about 80 minutes by car if there is no traffic. Finally, an important note: 1· Unless you are an iron man, it is recommended to wear sneakers, as traveling is notoriously on two legs. 2. Take your ID card with you. First, many places need to check your ID card or buy and get tickets with your ID card. In addition, at all attractions, students can buy half tickets with their ID card. 3. Be careful of the black tour guide, the most terrible rickshaw around Prince Gong's House, these people insist on tips like bandits. Ask for security personnel and staff, look up and down to see uniformed security personnel and staff, they will be very enthusiastic to answer.