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Self-guided tour route and snacks detailed introduction

2018-03-10 01:36:00

As one of the seven ancient capitals of China, cultural relics can be seen everywhere, and it is the city with the most World heritage sites (6) in the world. There are more than 200 tourist attractions open to the outside world, including the Forbidden City, the world's largest imperial palace, the Temple of Heaven, the royal Garden, the imperial Garden of the Summer Palace, the Badaling Great Wall, the Mutianyu Great Wall and the world's largest Siheyuan Gong Wang Mansion. The landscape covers history, culture, nature, art and other fields. Almost every district and county has tourist hotspots, among which the third Ring Road is within the district, most of the cultural landscape is distributed here; The surrounding districts and counties are mainly natural scenery, among which Yanqing, Huairou and Miyun in the north have the world-famous Great Wall, and Haidian, Changping, Mentougou and Fangshan in the west have more mountains and valleys.


Self-guided tour transport aircraft


Accommodation Siheyuan


Order wine online in advance. Choose to live in old Siheyuan, Houhai Sanbao Siheyuan Inn. The location is very good, easy to get to all the major attractions, next to the subway and bus station. Around a lot of old snacks, Huguo Temple snack street is next to. After arriving at the subway station to do the transit card is very convenient. Day 1:1. Get up in the morning and take No. 22 to the front gate of the inn. 2. Go to Dashilan and have breakfast. 3. Go north along Tian 'anmen, through the Duanmen Gate, reach the meridian gate, and brush your ID card at the ticket gate (tickets have been booked), remember that it is best to enter the Forbidden City at 9 o 'clock. Middle Road: Meridian Gate → Three Main Halls → Dry Qing Gate → Dry Qing Palace → Hall of Harmony → Hall of Harmony → Hall of Harmony → Palace of Harmony → East Palace of Harmony → Palace of Tranquility → East Six Palaces → Palace of Tranquility → Zhenconcubin Well West Road: Meridian Gate → Three Main Halls of Doors → Dry Qing Gate → West Six Palaces → Cining Palace → Hall of Yangxin → Sufang Zhai Finally comes out of the Forbidden City from Shenwu Gate. The Palace Museum don't go too fast, listen to the explanation. Expect to be out by 13:00. After Shenwu Gate comes out, walk near Jingmen, where there is a beach back street with many restaurants.


The next day: Have a good rest, take Line 4 subway in the morning, get off at Beigongmen, and walk to the Summer Palace. (From the garden, temple - Dehe Garden - Yulan Hall - Yiyun Hall - Happy Longevity Hall - Long corridor (walk 1/2 to Pai Yun Gate), take a boat at Pai Yun Gate, reach the copper Cow on the other shore of the lake, and then take the West Embankment six Bridges, enjoy the scenery along the way. At the end of the west embankment is the long corridor (take another 1/2), once again to the end of the cloud gate, and then go to Wanshou Mountain to visit the cloud hall and Buddha Pavilion scenic spot. Down Wanshou Hill is the street, and finally out of the north palace gate.) Out of the north Palace Gate along the Summer Palace Road north, walk 300 meters to (Xiang Lin world beautiful Xiaoxiang) for lunch. Then go back to Beigongmen and take Subway Line 4, or take No. 697 at Fanmen and get off at Yuanmingyuan. Enter the Yuanmingyuan, because the Yuanmingyuan is particularly large, and more empty than the Summer Palace, so take a tour bus to see. After leaving Yuanmingyuan, walk or take a taxi to the west gate of the university. (Entering the antique west gate, directly opposite is the principal's office building, and a pair of watches on the small square in front of it are cultural relics. Then go around from the north side, there is a Sackler archaeological museum behind the Foreign language building, you can go in and visit. Go around and follow the road straight ahead. On the left side of the road are the Virtue fast, the talent fast, the Junjun fast and the preparation fast. There is a small bridge to the right of the Byakai that leads to an island in the middle of the lake with a pavilion and two asteroid memorial sculptures. Come back over the bridge and walk along the road just now, and there is Weiming Lake on the right. There is a stone screen on the shore, which is also a cultural relic, and I remember it is the word Qianlong Ti. Go around the road by Weiming Lake, to the southeast corner is Boyata, Boyata you can already see when you see Weiming Lake. Boya Tower is a water tower. Then walk west along the lake side road, there is a small ancient building on the lake is the flower Temple, the flower temple opposite the high ground is the tomb of Edgar Snow. Continue to walk forward, there is a stone fish, is the former Yuanmingyuan cultural relics, stone fish next to a "weiming lake" monument, you can take a photo here. Then turn left up the hill, walk not far right is the old headmaster CAI Yuanpei image, left is the clock pavilion, not far next to the clock pavilion is the Qianlong poem tablet. Continue to move forward, in front of the Russian building is the statue of Li Dazhao, and then on the lawn to the south there is a memorial monument to the martyrs. Follow the road east between the Russian Building and the lawn, and the library is on your right. Turn to the south and you will see the front of the library (a new building opened on the 100th anniversary of the founding of Peking University). Weiming Lake + Boyata + Library is the famous "One tower Lake map" of Peking University. Continue to walk, on the left is the Guanghua College of Science, diagonally opposite is the Centennial Lecture Hall, from the lecture hall to the right in front of the diagonal is the triangle, the birthplace of all the movements. Then return to the road in front of the lecture hall and continue south, exit the south gate to finish the tour.) Out of the south gate, ask passers-by to find the nearby Zhongguancun subway station. (It takes about 700 meters to walk) then take subway Line 4, get off at Li, and get off at the famous Huguo Temple snack next to the B exit. Find something you like. I suggest bean juice. Haha, maybe you don't like it. But that's the smell!


Day 3: Sanbao Inn walk to the high Deshengmen Tower. Take No. 877 under the tower and go straight to Badaling. (Don't listen to anyone who talks to you on the way, and don't believe a word they say.) After arriving at Badaling, walk to the Haohan Slope and then return to the parking lot, you can take the pulley when you return. After going down the Great Wall, you can find a roadside restaurant to eat, and then return to station 877 and return to Deshengmen. (Try to take the train back to the city before 16:00) After returning to Deshengmen, then walk to the original Jishuitan subway station, take Line 2 to the street and change to Line 8, get off at the Olympic Stadium. After seeing the Bird's Nest Water Cube night view, take subway line 8 or change line 2 in the street, get off at Chongwenmen and return to wine. On the 5th floor of the New World opposite the wine, there are many delicious food. Go there for dinner. Summary: Badaling Great Wall, Water Cube Bird's Nest.

Method/Step 2

Day 4: Take Line 4 to Line 5 at the gate in the morning, get off at the East gate of the Temple of Heaven and visit the Temple of Heaven. Buy a joint ticket when visiting the Temple of Heaven, otherwise you can't get into many places. After coming out of the Temple of Heaven, take Line 5 at the East Gate of the Temple of Heaven, transfer to Line 6 at the East Fourth, and get off at Exit B of the North Gate. North along the Three Bridges Hutong, walk 200 meters to the Gong Palace. Spend some time in Prince Gong's house, both sides of the house to see, the back garden is very beautiful, be sure to find the western gate and take your mother to touch the Fortune cup! How lucky! After leaving Prince Gong's mansion, forget to go east, along the front street you can reach Shichahai, the night view is very beautiful. Then cross the Silver Ingot Bridge and go to Yanbao Street. You can buy the little things you like. Go to the end of Yanbao Xixie Street, you can see very high. Walk past, in the east, there is a Yao Ji fried liver, go in for dinner. (Yao Ji Fried Liver is a famous old brand, in 2011, US Vice President Joe Biden visited China and took his daughter ASHLEY here to taste Chinese food oh) After dinner, you can just walk back to the Sanbao Inn at the intersection of Yanbao Xijie. Scenic summary: Temple of Heaven, Prince Gong's House, Shichahai, Yanbagxie Street.