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Say NO to premarital sex!

2018-04-23 01:36:40

Many modern people do not get married, love period sexual experience, enjoy a moment of joy, premarital sexual behavior will actually affect the future marriage and family, psychologically more complex, but people do not realize it.


Remind oneself


Don't be flower minded


This page is based on experience


Men and women who have sex before marriage have a great impact on their choice of a spouse after breaking up, because the reputation is not high, lower standards, and those who get married behind are not so satisfactory.


Even if two people get married later, the divorce rate is higher. In life, the feelings of husband and wife are not preserved, the quarrels increase, and they do not get along well.


Men and women with premarital sexual experience are often easier to engage in love triangles, unfaithful to the object, and complex emotional life to miss the old lover.


Women with premarital sex are relatively high requirements for sex, if the husband can not meet her now, easy to derailment, but also to find excuses for indulging themselves, extremely irresponsible to the family.


Premarital sexual behavior due to the complex emotional history of the body has a greater impact, people are easy to get old quickly, the body's functions decline faster.

Matters needing attention

Whenever family comes first, don't get divorced