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Say goodbye to cold hands and feet during pregnancy

2018-04-22 01:36:34

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother's heart should operate for the baby and the mother's two people, supply two people with blood, if the pregnant mother itself is insufficient, it will affect the peripheral blood circulation, resulting in cold hands and feet.


Anemic mommy. If the pregnant mother itself has anemia before pregnancy, the chance of cold hands and feet during pregnancy will be high.


Underweight or deficient cold constitution of the mother. Girls with thinner body type (about 40 to 50 kg) or deficient cold constitution are easy to have cold hands and feet due to poor peripheral circulation. Pregnancy and cold hands and feet say bye bye diet: because pregnant mommy is a person to eat two people, it is recommended to eat more chicken, fish soup, beef, soy milk (beans), cherries, mulberry, etc., to avoid eating raw and cold food, ice products or drinking cold drinks.


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