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S10 pre-season North of the rage equipment recommended S10 play wild boar sister equipment guide

2018-04-13 11:12:27

Playing wild boar sister This hero is a very strong rhythm of the hero, the following small series will introduce the S10 pre-season north of the fury equipment recommended S10 playing wild boar sister equipment guide


Magic melt Standard Chartered wild knife in pig sister's wild equipment first recommended selection is magic melt Standard Chartered wild knife, pig sister this hero positioning is a tank front row, play wild knife selection slag is the best choice


Rhapsody Armor in the second piece of equipment usually choose Rhapsody armor, the rhapsody has a certain health increase, but also has this strong blood recovery ability.


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The third level head in the pig sister's fourth piece of equipment magic resistance equipment is selected as the third level head, and the third level head can have a damage reduction effect when eating skills


In the fifth piece of equipment, the pig girl recommends the choice of the dead man's plate armor, which can allow the pig girl to wake up at a certain speed when pursuing the bag of the remaining person


Mercury shoes in the choice of shoes recommended by the pig woman is mercury shoes, although the pig woman is not very afraid of control, but the pig woman can not play their own effect if they are controlled.