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Proud sword wild knife Situling move table

2018-05-14 03:12:45

Situling is the only female character in the Proud Sword. In the plot, he is a Mongolian who is a superior emperor's daughter, but he is very fond of Han culture and has a good impression on the dragon style.


The sword and the sword


Situ Ling


Whip: Operation instruction: lower right + light punch; This ability can be released 3 times in a row to form a small combo.


Riding whip: Operation instructions: lower right + heavy punch; Attack Underset This ability allows you to deal a high amount of damage after hitting an enemy from a distance.


Tiger claw mountain climbing: Operation instructions: left down left + heavy punch; The keyboard is not easy to release without a joystick, and this skill works well against enemy air strikes.


Jade belt waist: Operation instructions: lower left + light or heavy punch; Can pull on the enemy, but also can flexibly pick up other joint moves.


This article is an unauthorized grab from Experience


Hanging leg: Operation instruction: lower left + center push; After attacking the enemy, the enemy can take the esoteric routine without falling to the ground, and the enemy can be repeatedly attacked in the corner (with the number of protection).

Must kill

Hun Yuan row sweep whip: Operation instructions: down right down right + heavy punch/light punch; It is also the mandatory kill of the system, and it can cause the greatest damage when it is not far away. This kill can also be used after the esoteric routine.


Cup-break: Operation instructions: air release, lower left lower left + light leg/heavy leg; The average character has two big moves; Esoteric routine: Light leg + light leg + heavy punch + heavy punch + heavy leg + heavy leg + Light leg + heavy punch + heavy punch + heavy punch;